List of Chinese AIC Websites

We’ve put together this list of the various Chinese AIC company search websites (National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System) and Chinese AIC branch websites (工商行政管理局 or just 工商局) for each province / administrative region in China.

If any of the links are broken or out of date, or we’re missing any, please leave a comment to let us know!

Company Registration Search Websites

These are the Chinese AIC websites where company details can be searched online.

Nationwide Company Search Website

Province-Level Company Search Websites

AIC Office Websites

These are the websites of each relevant AIC office, which include a much wider range of information and news (in Chinese).

Main National Chinese AIC Website

Province-Level Chinese AIC Websites

Local Chinese AIC Websites

Here we list the individual websites for local AIC branches in many major Chinese cities: 

An Easier Way To Access Official Records

After checking a few of the Chinese AIC websites listed above, you’ll soon realise that these websites are not consistently designed and are often quite unfriendly to users. And that’s before you consider the language and domain-specific knowledge required to access and use the information they provide!

China Checkup gives you an easy and affordable way to access this information, and more. We can retrieve the official registration records of any Chinese company you would like to know more about, and give you a full translation and explanation in clear, native English.

China Certified Verification

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