Ningbo (宁波)


Ningbo is a 'new tier 1' city located within Zhejiang Province in East China.

In China's administrative hierarchy, Ningbo is classified as a sub-provincial city, meaning it is governed under Zhejiang province control, but enjoys a greater degree of autonomy than most prefecture-level cities.

The official name of Ningbo in simplified Chinese characters is 宁波 (or in pinyin: Níngbō).

Map of Ningbo, Zhejiang

Free Trade Zones in Ningbo

Since the establishment of the Zhejiang Free Trade Zone in 2017, the following sections within Ningbo have been designated as free trade zones:

  • Meishan Bonded Area
  • Beilun Port Bonded Area
  • Ningbo Bonded Area

High Tech Zones in Ningbo

The following high tech zones are located in Ningbo:

  • Ningbo High-Tech Industry Development Zone (宁波高新技术产业开发区)
       - website:
       - focus industries: Electronic information; New energy; Energy saving and environmental protection; New materials

Airports in Ningbo

Ningbo is served by the following airports:

  • Ningbo Lishe International Airport (IATA: NGB | ICAO: ZSNB)

Ningbo Rail Transit

The city of Ningbo's metro system commenced operation on 30 May 2014.

High-profile Ningbo Companies

The following Chinese companies are headquartered in Ningbo:

  • (宁波博洋控股集团有限公司)
  • (宁波申洲针织有限公司)
  • Ningbo Jintian Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. (宁波金田投资控股有限公司)
       - website:
  • China-Base Ningbo Group Co., Ltd. (中基宁波集团股份有限公司)
       - website:
  • Ningbo Joyson Electronics Co., Ltd. (宁波均胜电子股份有限公司)
       - website:
  • (宁波富邦控股集团有限公司)
  • Youngor Group Co., Ltd. (雅戈尔集团股份有限公司)
       - website:
  • AUX Group Co., Ltd. (奥克斯集团有限公司)
       - website:

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