Nanning (南宁)


Nanning is a tier 2 city located within Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in South China. It is also Guangxi's Provincial Capital.

In China's administrative hierarchy, Nanning is classified as a "Prefecture-level City", meaning it is governed under Guangxi province control.

Map of Nanning

Nanning in Chinese

The official name of Nanning in simplified Chinese characters and pinyin is:


In Chinese it is common to add the character for "City" (市) to the name. In such case Nanning would be written:

Nánníng shì

Nanning Development Zones

Free Trade Zones in Nanning

Since the establishment of the Guangxi Free Trade Zone in 2019, the following sections within Nanning have been designated as free trade zones:

  • Nanning Area

High Tech Zones in Nanning

The following high tech zones are located in Nanning:

  • Nanning High-Tech Industry Development Zone (南宁高新技术产业开发区)
       - website:
       - focus industries: Electronic information; Life health; Intelligent manufacturing

Nanning Transportation

Airports in Nanning

Nanning is served by the following airports:

  • Nanning Wuxu International Airport (IATA: NNG | ICAO: ZGNN)

Nanning Metro

The city of Nanning's metro system commenced operation on 28 June 2016.

Nanning Companies

High-profile Nanning Companies

The following Chinese companies are headquartered in Nanning:

  • 南宁威宁投资集团有限责任公司 | Nanning Weining Investment Group Co., Ltd.
  • 广西北部湾银行股份有限公司 | Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank Co., Ltd.
  • 广西云星集团有限公司 | Guangxi Yunxing Group Co., Ltd.
  • 广西交通投资集团有限公司 | Guangxi Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd.
  • 广西农垦集团有限责任公司 | Guangxi Nongken Group Co., Ltd.
  • 广西农村投资集团有限公司 | Guangxi Rural Investment Group Co., Ltd.
  • 广西北部湾国际港务集团有限公司 | Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Port Group Co., Ltd.
  • 广西北部湾投资集团有限公司 | Guangxi Beibu Gulf Investment Group Co., Ltd.
  • 广西建工集团有限责任公司 | Guangxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.
  • 广西投资集团有限公司 | Guangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd.
  • 广西洋浦南华糖业集团股份有限公司 | Guangxi Yangpu Nanhua Sugar Industry Group Co., Ltd.
  • 广西物资集团有限责任公司 | Guangxi Materials Group Co., Ltd.

N.B. English names provided are based on automated translations and may not be consistent with those used by the companies

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