December 2017

China Districts - Main Roads, Stations, Airports

This useful resource identifies some key China districts and provides details of their important roads and transport infrastructure.

With China having some of the world's biggest cities it can be important to know in which city district an office, hotel, factory, road or train station is located.

Some China districts have populations the size of whole nations. For example, more people live in Shanghai's Pudong district than live in the Republic of Ireland!

What are China Districts?

Similar to how New York is divided into the 5 boroughs Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, Chinese cities are divided into districts.

In Mainland China a "district" is a subdivision of a city, and generally speaking the larger a city is, the more districts it will have.

Each district within a city operates with a degree of autonomy and this means businesses in different districts can be subject to different regulations.

All kinds of cities in China, including Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, are subdivided into districts, including the 4 municipalities, each of the provincial capitals and many more.

The most populous China district is Pudong, in Shanghai with over 5 million residents.

Districts in China's Municipalities

There are 4 cities in Mainland China which are classified as municipalities - Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai and Tianjin.

These self-governing cities do not belong to any province, giving them the flexibility to implement change faster.

Beijing Districts

  • 16 districts
  • Most populous: Chaoyang District
  • Most densely populated: Xicheng District
Map of Beijing Districts
Beijing District Beijing Main Roads Beijing Stations / Airports

Liangshuihe Road (凉水河路)
Chaoqian Road (超前路)


    Huguang Middle Street (湖光中街)
    Tangli Road (汤立路)
    Guangshun South Street (广顺南大街)
    Guanghua Road (光华路)
    Yaojiayuan Road (姚家园路)
    Dongdaqiao Road (东大桥路)
    Sanlitun West 6th Street (三里屯西六街)
    East 3rd Ring North Road (东三环北路)
    Chaowai Street (朝外大街)

      Beijing Capital Airport*
      Beijing East Railway Station

      Beixing Road (北兴路)
      Haixin North Road (海鑫北路)

      Jianguomen Inner Street (建国门内大街)
      Dongzhimen Outer Street (东直门外大街)
      Chaoyangmen South Street  (朝阳门南大街)
      Chang'an Street (长安街)
      Gulou Outer Street (鼓楼外大街)
      Andingmen Inner Street (安定门内大街)
        Beijing Railway Station

        Changyang Road (长阳路)
        Yuehua Street (月华大街)

        South 4th Ring West Road (南四环西路)
        Changxing Road (长兴路)
        Zhouzhuang Road (周庄路)
          Beijing Nanyuan Airport
          Beijing South Railway Station
          Beijing West Railway Station
          Zhongguancun Street (中关村大街)
          Xingshikou Road (杏石口路)
          Deshengmen West Street (德胜门西大街)
          Yuquan Road (玉泉路)

            Yangyan Road (杨雁路)
            Leyuan Street (乐园大街)


            Shidan Road (石担路)
            Xinqiao Street (新桥大街)


            Mixi Road (密西路)
            Gulou South Street (鼓楼南大街)


            Xinggu Road (兴谷路)
            Pinggu Street (平谷大街)

            Fushi Road (阜石路)
            Bajiao West Street (八角西街)
              Tongshun Road (通顺路)
              Fuqian Street (府前街)
                Beijing Capital Airport*
                Yongle Street (永乐街)
                Yudaihe West Street (玉带河西街)
                  Fuchengmen North Street (阜成门北大街)
                  Ping'anli West Street (平安里西大街)
                  Deshengmen Inner Street (德胜门内大街)
                  Fuwai Street (阜外大街)
                  Yuetan South Street (月坛南街)
                    Beijing North Railway Station
                    Dongwai Street (东外大街)
                    Guichuan Road (妫川路)

                    *Beijing Capital Airport straddles both Chaoyang and Shunyi districts

                    Chongqing Districts

                    • 26 districts in Chongqing Municipality
                    • 9 of which are in Central Chongqing
                    • Most populous: Wanzhou District (Municipality-wide), Yubei District (Central Chongqing)
                    • Most densely populated: Yuzhong District
                    Map of Central Chongqing Districts

                    Chongqing is by far the largest of China's 4 municipalities and includes a land area over 5x greater than the next biggest, Beijing.

                    Indeed there are two actual Chinese provinces which are smaller than Chongqing - Hainan and Ningxia.

                    Many of Chongqing's districts are located far from Chongqing city and are quite rural in nature, so for this reason we have concentrated our efforts on detailing the 9 districts located in central Chongqing.

                    Central Chongqing District Central Chongqing Main Roads Central Chongqing Stations / Airports
                    Banan (巴南区) Baxian Avenue (巴县大道)
                    Banan Avenue (巴南大道)
                    Jianshe Avenue (建设大道)
                    Beibei (北碚区) Tiansheng Road (天生路)
                    Longxi Road (龙溪路)
                    Beixia Road (碚峡路)
                    Dadukou (大渡口区) Wenti Road (文体路)
                    Ganghua Road (钢花路)
                    Chunhui Road (春晖路)
                    Jiangbei (江北区) Jianxin East Road (建新东路)
                    Honghuang Road (红黄路)
                    Yu'ao Avenue (渝澳大道)
                    Jiulongpo (九龙坡区) Zhigang Avenue (直港大道)
                    Yuzhou Road (渝州路)
                    Tuanjie Road (团结路)
                    Nan'an (南岸区) Nanbin Road (南滨路)
                    Jiangnan Avenue (江南大道)
                    Nancheng Avenue (南城大道)
                    Shapingba (沙坪坝区) Hanyu Road (汉渝路)
                    Shayang Road (沙杨路)
                    Shazhong Road (沙中路)
                    Chongqing West Railway Station
                    Yubei (渝北区) Xingguang Avenue (星光大道)
                    Jinyu Avenue (金渝大道)
                    Hongjin Avenue (红锦大道)
                    Chongqing Jiangbei Airport
                    Chongqing North Railway Station
                    Yuzhong (渝中区) Zhonghua Road (中华路)
                    Zourong Road (邹容路)
                    Minzu Road (民族路)
                    Minquan Road (民权路)
                    Minsheng Road (民生路)
                    Xinhua Road (新华路)
                    Chongqing Railway Station

                    Shanghai Districts

                    • 16 districts
                    • Most populous: Pudong New Area
                    • Most densely populated: Hongkou District
                    Map of Shanghai Districts
                    (Note that Zhabei has been in merged into Jing'an and Nanhui has been merged into Pudong)

                    Shanghai Districts

                    • 16 districts
                    • Most populous: Pudong New Area
                    • Most densely populated: Hongkou District
                    Map of Shanghai Districts
                    (Note that Zhabei has been in merged into Jing'an and Nanhui has been merged into Pudong)
                    Shanghai District Shanghai Main Roads Shanghai Stations / Airports
                    Baoshan (宝山区) Shangda Road (上大路)
                    Shuichan Road (水产路)
                    Yueluo Highway (月罗公路)
                      Changning (长宁区) Changning Road (长宁路)
                      Jiangsu Road (江苏路)
                      Xinhua Road (新华路)
                      Hongqiao Road (虹桥路)
                      Yan'an Road (延安路)
                      Wuyi Road (武夷路)
                      Dingxi Road (定西路)
                      Shanghai Hongqiao Airport*
                      Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station*
                      Chongming (崇明区) Chenhai Highway (陈海公路)
                      Beiyan Highway (北沿公路)
                      Fengxian (奉贤区) Gongxing Road (共兴路)
                      Tangfu Road (堂富路)
                      Guangtai Road (光泰路)
                      Daye Highway (大叶公路)
                      Hongkou (虹口区) Wuchang Road (武昌路)
                      Siping Road (四平路)
                      Gongping Road (公平路)
                      Wuhua Road (物化路)
                      Huangpu (黄浦区) East Nanjing Road (南京东路)
                      Fujian Road (福建路)
                      Zhongshan Road (中山路)
                      Middle Huaihai Road (淮海中路)
                      East Ninghai Road (宁海东路)
                      Middle Sichuan Road (四川中路)
                      Jiading (嘉定区) Baoqian Highway (宝钱公路)
                      Liuxiang Highway (浏翔公路)
                      Qiancao Highway (前曹公路)
                      Jing'an (静安区) West Nanjing Road (南京西路)
                      Xinzha Road (新闸路)
                      Changde Road (常德路)
                      Pingxingguan Road (平型关路)
                      Weihai Road (威海路)
                      Middle Yan'an Road (延安中路)
                      Shanghai Railway Station
                      Jinshan (金山区) Xuefu Road (学府路)
                      Tiangong Road (天工路)
                      Tingwei Highway (亭卫公路)
                      Minhang (闵行区) Xinbang Road (莘浜路)
                      Longwu Road (龙吴路)
                      Wenjing Road (温岭路)
                      Yuanjiang Road (元江路)
                      Humin Road (沪闵路)
                      Chundong Road (春东路)
                      Duhui Road (都会路)
                      Shanghai Hongqiao Airport*
                      Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station*
                      Pudong New District (浦东新区) Cailun Road (蔡伦路)
                      Dongfang Road (东方路)
                      Gangcheng Road (港城路)
                      Guiqiao Road (桂桥路)
                      Middle Gaoke Road (高科中路)
                      Newton Road (牛顿路)
                      Zhangheng Road (张衡路)
                      Zhangjiang Road (张江路)
                      Zuchongzhi Road (祖冲之路)
                      Century Avenue (世纪大道)
                      Shanghai Pudong Airport
                      Putuo (普陀区) North Zhongshan Road (中山北路)
                      South Qilianshan Road (祁连山南路)
                      Zhenbei Road (真北路)
                      Qingpu (青浦区) Beiqing Highway (北青公路)
                      Huateng Road (华腾路)
                      Huqingping Highway (沪青平公路)
                      Songjiang (松江区) Banting Road (伴亭路)
                      East Zhongshan Road (中山东路)
                      Qiujing Road (虬泾路)
                      Xuhui (徐汇区) Huaihai Road (淮海路)
                      Huashan Road (华山路)
                      Yishan Road (宜山路)
                      Hongcao Road (虹漕路)
                      Zhaojiabang Road (肇家浜路)
                      South 2nd Zhongshan Road (中山南二路)
                      Xietu Road (斜土路)
                        Shanghai South Railway Station
                        Yangpu (杨浦区) Anshan Road (鞍山路)
                        North Guoquan Road (国权北路)
                        Jungong Road (军工路)

                          *Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Railway Station straddles both Changning and Minhang districts

                          Tianjin Districts

                          • 16 districts
                          • Most populous: Binhai New Area
                          • Most densely populated: Heping District
                          Map of Tianjin Districts

                          Key to Map Numbering:
                          1. Heping
                          2. Hedong
                          3. Hexi
                          4. Nankai
                          5. Hebei
                          6. Hongqiao
                          7. Binhai New Area
                          8. Dongli
                          9. Xiqing
                          10. Jinnan
                          11. Beichen
                          12. Wuqing
                          13. Baodi
                          14. Ninghe
                          15. Jinghai
                          16. Jizhou

                          Tianjin District Tianjin Main Roads Tianjin Stations / Airports
                          Baodi (宝坻区) Yuhua Road (钰华路)
                          Jianshe Road (建设路)
                          Nancheng Road (南城路)
                          Beichen (北辰区) Chenchang Road (辰昌路)
                          Longmen Avenue (龙门道)
                          Beichen Avenue (北辰道)
                          Binhai New Area (滨海新区) Dongting Road (洞庭路)
                          The 9th Street (第九大街)
                          Huanghai Road (黄海路)
                          Binhai Railway Station

                          Yujiabao Railway Station
                          Tanggu Railway Station 
                          Binhai North Railway Station
                          Dongli (东丽区) Zhongxin Avenue (中心大道)
                          Jintang Highway (津塘公路)
                          Jichang Avenue (机场大道)
                          Tianjin Binhai Airport
                          Hebei (河北区) Zhongshan Road (中山路)
                          Shizilin Street (狮子林大街)
                          Huangwei Road (黄纬路)
                          Tianjin Railway Station
                          Tianjin North Railway Station
                          Hedong (河东区) Dongxing Road (东兴路)
                          Chenglin Avenue (成林道)
                          Jingjiang Road (靖江路)
                          Heping (和平区) Chifeng Avenue (赤峰道)
                          Xikang Road (西康路)
                          Machang Avenue (马场道)
                          5th Avenue (五大道)
                          Hexi (河西区) Jiefang South Road (解放南路)
                          Yujiang Avenue (郁江道)
                          Youyi Road (友谊路)
                          Hongqiao (红桥区) Xinhong Road (新红路)
                          Guangrong Avenue (光荣道)
                          Honghu East Road (洪湖东路)
                          Xianyang North Road (咸阳北路)
                          Tianjin West Railway Station
                          Jinghai (静海区) Liangtai Road (梁台路)
                          Shengli Street (胜利大街)
                          Taishan Avenue (泰山道)
                          Jinnan (津南区) Baoyuan Road (宝源路)
                          Juxing Avenue (聚兴道)
                          Juying Road (聚英路)
                          Yingfang Avenue (营房道)
                          Jizhou (蓟州区) Dongchang Road (东昌路)
                          Jiyunhe Street (蓟运河大街)
                          Xinghua Street (兴华大街)
                          Nankai (南开区) Changjiang Avenue (长江道)
                          Hongqi Road (红旗路)
                          Xihu Avenue (西湖道)
                          Zigong Avenue (自贡道)
                          Ninghe (宁河区) Guangming Road (光明路)
                          Shangye Avenue (商业道)
                          Xinhua Avenue (新华道)
                          Wuqing (武清区) Guangming Avenue (光明道)
                          Quanwang Road (泉旺路)
                          Yongyang West Avenue (雍阳西道)
                          Xiqing (西青区) Liukou Road (柳口路)
                          Runyang Avenue (润杨道)
                          Xiqing Avenue (西青道)
                          Tianjin South Railway Station

                          Districts in China's Sub-Provincial Municipalities

                          Aside from the 4 municipalities, there are a further 15 sub-provincial municipalities which, whilst belonging to a province, are still given a high degree of autonomy with regards to managing their economy and with law.

                          These 15 cities are Changchun, Chengdu, Dalian, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Harbin, Jinan, Nanjing, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xiamen and Xi'an.

                          Most of these cities are provincial capitals, but not all - neither Ningbo, Qingdao, Shenzhen or Xiamen are capitals of their provinces.

                          Here are the districts in some of China's most important sub-provincial municipalities:

                          Guangzhou Districts

                          • 11 districts
                          • Most populous: Baiyun District
                          • Most densely populated: Yuexiu District
                          • Capital of Guangdong Province

                          Map of Guangzhou Districts
                          Note that Conghua and Zengcheng were reclassified from cities (市) to districts (区) in 2014

                          Guangzhou District Guangzhou Main Roads Guangzhou Stations / Airports
                          Baiyun (白云区) Hengjun Street (恒骏街)
                          Gaoming Road (高明路)
                          Guangyuan Middle Road (广园中路)
                          Yuncheng West Road (云城西路)
                          Youyi Road (友谊路)
                          Nanxian Road (南贤路)
                          Xicha Road (西槎路)
                          Guangzhou Baiyun Airport*
                          Conghua (从化区) Congcheng Avenue (从城大道)
                          Gongye Avenue (工业大道)
                          Jianyun East Road (建云东路)
                          Haizhu (海珠区) Binjiang West Road (滨江西路)
                          Xingang East Road (新港东路)
                          Huadu (花都区) Nanhe 1st Street (南合一街)
                          Xinhua Road (兴华路)
                          Guangzhou Baiyun Airport*
                          Guangzhou North Railway Station
                          Huangpu (黄埔区) Fangda Road (方达路)
                          Kangnan Road (康南路)
                          Kefeng Road (科丰路)
                          Liwan (荔湾区) Huadi Avenue (花地大道)
                          Longxi East Road (龙溪东路)
                          Xiwan Road (西湾路)
                          Nansha (南沙区) Fengze East Road (丰泽东路)
                          Shinan Highway (市南公路)
                          Panyu (番禺区) Dayong Road (大涌路)
                          Guomao Avenue (国贸大道)
                          Yinbin Road (迎宾路)
                          Guangzhou South Railway Station
                          Tianhe (天河区) Fanwu Road (范屋路)
                          Jinsui Road (金穗路)
                          Siheng Road (四横路)
                          Tianyuan Road (天源路)
                          Gaoke Road (高科路)
                          Guangzhou East Railway Station
                          Yuexiu (越秀区) Dongfeng West Road (东风西路)
                          Haunshi West Road (环市西路)
                          Nonglinxia Road (农林下路)
                          Sanyuanli Avenue (三元里大道)
                          Guangzhou Railway Station
                          Zengcheng (增城区) Lixin Avenue (荔新大道)
                          Xinhe North Road (新和北路)
                          Zengjiang Avenue (增江大道)

                          *Guangzhou Baiyun Airport straddles both Baiyun and Huadu districts

                          Shenzhen Districts

                          • 10 districts
                          • Most populous: Bao'an District
                          • Most densely populated: Futian District
                          • City in Guangdong Province
                          Map of Shenzhen Districts
                          (Image from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen website)
                          Shenzhen District Shenzhen Main Roads Shenzhen Stations / Airports
                          Bao'an (宝安区) Songbai Road (松白路)
                          Baoyuan Road (宝源路)
                          Huating Road (华霆路)
                          Longshan 6th Road (龙山六路)
                          Donghuan Road (东环路)
                          Dabao Road (大宝路)
                          Beihuan Avenue (北环大道)
                          Yongfu Road (永福路)
                          Shenzhen Bao'an Airport
                          Dapeng (大鹏新区) Haigang Road (海港路)
                          Haibin South Road (海滨南路)
                          Futian (福田区) Binhe Road (滨河路)
                          Tairan 8th Road (泰然八路)
                          Shennan Avenue (深南大道)
                          Zhenhua Road (振华路)
                          Guangming (光明新区) Tongguan Road (同观路)
                          Genyu Road (根玉路)
                          Longgang (龙岗区) Huancheng South Road (环城南路)
                          Longgang Avenue (龙岗大道)
                          Cuishan Road (翠山路)
                          Longxiang Avenue (龙翔大道)
                          Jihua Road (吉华路)
                          Bulong Road (布龙路)
                          Wuhe Avenue (五和大道)
                          Chenhe Road (宸和路)
                          Shenzhen East Railway Station
                          Longhua (龙华区) Gongye West Road (工业西路)
                          Huarong Road (华荣路)
                          Heping East Road (和平东路)
                          Longyuan Avenue (龙苑大道)
                          Longguan East Road (龙观东路)
                          Meilong Avenue (梅龙大道)
                          Shenzhen North Railway Station
                          Luohu (罗湖区) Heping Road (和平路)
                          Shennan East Road (深南东路)
                          Qingshuihe 1st Road (清水河一路)
                          Shenzhen Railway Station
                          Nanshan (南山区) Dongbin Road (东滨路)
                          Gaoxin Middle 4th Road (高新中四道)
                          Keji South 12th Road (科技南十二路)
                          Nanxin Road (南新路)
                          Taoyuan Road (桃园路)
                          Xinghua Road (兴华路)
                          Shenzhen West Railway Station
                          Pingshan (坪山区) Chuangye Road (创业路)
                          Cuijing Road (翠景路)
                          Hengping Highway (横坪公路)
                          Jinlong 1st Road (锦龙一路)
                          Jinniu West Road (金牛西路)
                          Yantian (盐田区) Yuanlin Road (园林路)
                          Beishan Road (北山道)

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