High Tech Zone


In China the term "high-tech zone" (高新区) usually refers to a "National-Level High-Tech Industry Development Zone" (国家高新技术产业开发区). These are the China high-tech zones which are approved by the State Council and supported by the national government. Companies located in these zones not only benefit from better infrastructure and access to talent, but can also receive special incentives such as lower tax rates. The first China high-tech zone was established in Beijing in 1988 and is called Zhongguan Science Park. However, it was during the early 1990's that the network of national-level high-tech zones was greatly expanded with 26 new zones created in 1991 and another 25 in 1992. A subsequent expansion during the 2010's has seen a further 100+ high-tech zones being established, bringing the total today to 169.

Other Development Zone Types