May 2015

Chinese Management Positions Glossary

Here we present a glossary of the most common terms used for documenting key Chinese management positions in a Mainland China company’s company registration records.

This includes the Chinese terms for General Manager, Director, Legal Representative, Chairman, Shareholder and Supervisor.

These management positions are typically included in our China Company Verification reports.

Chinese Management Positions

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Chinese Terminology English Translation
董事长 Board Chairman
监事会主席 Chairman of the Supervisory Board
董事 Director
董事兼总经理 Director & General Manager
董事兼经理 Director & Manager
职工监事 Employee Supervisor
执行董事 Executive Director
执行(常务)董事兼总经理 Executive Director & General Manager
执行董事兼总经理 Executive Director & General Manager
执行董事兼经理 Executive Director & Manager
总经理 General Manager
法定代表人 Legal Representative
经理 Manager
其他人员 Other Employee or Other Personnel
股东 Shareholder
监事 Supervisor
副董事长 Vice Chairman
副总经理 Vice General Manager
经营者 Operator

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