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Chinese Address Terms Glossary

by Matt Slater July 16, 2016

Chinese Address Terms Glossary

This useful glossary helps you to understand and make sense of an address in China by listing and providing translations for common Chinese address terms.

A Chinese company’s official address is displayed on its business license and verifying their address is a smart measure to take to protect your business.

If you are looking for some specific terminology or need to clarify a character or two from a Chinese address, this guide will hopefully provide you with the answer.

How to Read a Chinese Address

The first thing to note about Chinese addresses is that they are displayed (in Chinese) back to front, so you will often find the characters “中国” (China) first and the room or street number at the end.


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Here is an example of an address in Chinese broken down into its constituent parts:


  • 中国 China
  • 广东省 Guangdong Province
  • 深圳市 Shenzhen City
  • 南山区 Nanshan District
  • 建国路 Jianguo Rd
  • 21号 Number 21
  • 305室 Room 305

Chinese Address Terms

Below is our glossary of the common terms that can be found in a Mainland China address, with translations and examples. 

Tip: If you are looking for a specific term, try using the search function

Chinese Pinyin English Example
Céng Floor 四层 Fourth Floor
Cūn Village 西关村 Xiguan Village
大道 Dà Dào Avenue 深南大道 Shennan Avenue
大厦 Dà Shà Building 华润大厦 Huarun Building
Dòng Building A栋 Building A
单元 Dān Yuán Unit 2单元 Unit 2
Fáng Room A1 房 Room A1
广场 Guǎng Chǎng Plaza 金座广场 Jinzuo Plaza
工业区 Gōng Yè Qū Industrial Zone 城关工业区 Chengguan Industrial Zone
号厂房 Hào Chǎng Fáng Plant 3 号厂房 Plant 3
号楼 Hào Lóu Building 1号楼 Building 1
Jiē Street 中学街 Zhongxue Street
街道办事处 Jiē Dào Bàn Shì Chù Sub-district 文化街道办事处 Wenhua Sub-district
经济技术开发区 Jīng Jì Jì Shù Kāi Fā Qū Economic & Technological
Development Zone
芜湖经济技术开发区 Wuhu Economic & Technological
Development Zone
Lóu Floor 一楼 First Floor
Road 南京路 Nanjing Road
Lòng Lane 21弄 Lane 21
District 朝阳区 Chaoyang District
社区 Shè Qū Community 田寮社区 Tianliao Community
Shì Room 102室 Room 102
Shì City 上海市 Shanghai City
Shěng Province 广东省 Guangdong Province
Xiàn County 费县 Fei County
Xiàng Lane 西举院巷 Xijuyuan Lane
Xiāng Village 白石乡 Baishi Village
小区 Xiǎo Qū Community 新华小区 Xinhua Community
Yuàn Courtyard 甲院 Courtyard A
Zhuàng Building 3幢 Building 3
Zhuāng Village 李庄 Li Village
Zhèn Town 清港镇 Qinggang Town
自贸区 Zì Mào Qū Free Trade Zone 上海自贸区 Shanghai Free Trade Zone
Zuò Block A 座 Block A

Is the Chinese address term you are looking for missing from our glossary? Please leave a comment below and we’ll try to help you with it.

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