July 2015

Organizations That Disclose Their China Supplier List

Finding a good Chinese manufacturer can be challenging at times, but did you know that many famous companies actually publicly disclose their China Supplier list?

That's right, many of the leading brands will actually tell you which Chinese companies produce their goods, you just need to know where to look.

Read on to find out why companies such as Apple, Nike and Levis are disclosing their China supplier list and where you can go to find it.

Which Organizations Buy From Suppliers in China?

In short, nearly all of them! We’re not aware of any leading companies that have a “Not Made in China” policy, but please feel free to let us know if you are aware of any.

The majority of the world’s leading companies have an extensive Chinese supply chain and in the most part they keep their China supplier list very guarded. Although their products are marked “Made in China”, it can be difficult to identify where exactly they were manufactured.

There are, however, some examples of world leading companies who make another choice. Perhaps under pressure to be transparent from their customers and the media, some of the world’s very best companies actually choose to make their China supplier list publicly available.

List of Organizations with Publicly Disclosed Chinese Suppliers

Here are some of the companies we have identified which make their Chinese supplier lists publicly available: 

Company Where They Publish
Apple Apple Supplier Responsibility
Adidas Adidas Global Factory Lists
C&A C&A's Suppliers' Factory List
Columbia Columbia Transparency
Dell Dell Supply Chain
H&M H&M Supplier Factory List
HP HP Supply Chain
Lego Lego Group Responsible Supplier Management
Levi Strauss & Co. Levi Strauss & Co. Sustainability / Production
Nike Nike Manufacturing Map
Puma Puma Sustainability
Timberland Timberland CSR Reporting
United Nations UN Secretariat Registered Vendors

Know of Other Organizations?

If you have heard of other organizations disclosing their Chinese suppliers we’d be interested to hearing from you and adding to this list.

Have you worked in a company that disclosed its suppliers? Did anything change as a consequence?

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