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November 2020

List of Chinese AMR Websites

This list of Chinese AMR websites includes links to the AMR branch website for each province/administrative region in China.

In case you're wondering, the acronym "AMR" stands for "Administration for Market Regulation", which is a newly-launched Chinese government agency created by the merger of many previous agencies, including the AIC and AQSIQ.

This super regulator is now responsible for a wide range of regulatory matters in Mainland China, so if you need to get in touch with them you should find this list of Chinese AMR websites useful.

AMR Office Websites

These are the many websites operated by the various AMR offices, which includes a wide range of regulatory information and market news (in Chinese).

Main National AMR Website

At a national level the AMR is known as the "State Administration for Market Registration" which is why you might see the abbreviation "SAMR" being used for this agency elsewhere.

Province-Level Chinese AMR Websites

(Please note that many of these websites may not open without difficulty when accessing from outside of China!)

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Does AMR operate a Company Search Website?

Yes, if you need to search for a Chinese company's registration details you can search here:

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