Jingzhou (荆州)


Jingzhou is a tier 3 city located within Hubei Province in Central China.

In China's administrative hierarchy, Jingzhou is classified as a prefecture-level city, meaning it is governed under Hubei province control.

The official name of Jingzhou in simplified Chinese characters is 荆州 (or in pinyin: Jīngzhōu).

Map of Jingzhou, Hubei

High Tech Zones in Jingzhou

The following high tech zones are located in Jingzhou:

  • Jingzhou High-Tech Industry Development Zone (荆州高新技术产业开发区)
       - website: hzngq.gov.cn
       - focus industries: Biological medicine

High-profile Jingzhou Companies

The following Chinese companies are headquartered in Jingzhou:

  • Jinao (Hubei) Science & Technology Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (金澳科技(湖北)化工有限公司)
       - website: http://www.jinaokeji.com/

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