Shaoguan (韶关)


Shaoguan is a tier 4 city located within Guangdong Province in South China.

In China's administrative hierarchy, Shaoguan is classified as a "Prefecture-level City", meaning it is governed under Guangdong province control.

Map of Shaoguan

Shaoguan in Chinese

The official name of Shaoguan in simplified Chinese characters and pinyin is:


In Chinese it is common to add the character for "City" (市) to the name. In such case Shaoguan would be written:

Sháoguān shì

Shaoguan Companies

High-profile Shaoguan Companies

The following Chinese companies are headquartered in Shaoguan:

  • 广东东阳光科技控股股份有限公司 | Guangdong East Sunshine Technology Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • 广东韶钢松山股份有限公司 | Guangdong Shaogang Songshan Co., Ltd.

N.B. English names provided are based on automated translations and may not be consistent with those used by the companies

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