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China Trademark Registration Certificate - An Introduction

by Matt Slater April 21, 2016

China Trademark Registration Certificate - An Introduction

If your Chinese supplier has a trademark on their products, this implies that they should have China Trademark Registration and in turn a China Trademark Registration Certificate.

With more and more Chinese companies becoming aware of the importance of trademarks, they will choose to register their trademarks officially so as to protect their intellectual property.

If you are planning to sell a Chinese supplier’s products in your market, it is a sensible precaution to check whether they have the right to use this trademark.

This article provides some background information on the China Trademark Registration Certificate, and explains what information it contains, who issues it and how it is used.

What is a China Trademark Registration Certificate?

This is what the certificate looks like if you have ever received a scan or photo of the original document before.

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What Information is Contained in a China Trademark Registration Certificate?

From top to bottom the fields are as follows:

  • Registrant (注册人)
  • Registrant Address (注册人地址)
  • Registration Date (注册日期)
  • Expiry Date (有效期至)
  • Director Name (局长)
  • Issuing Authority (发证机关)

Who Issues a China Trademark Registration Certificate?

This certificate is issued by the China State Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC) Trademark Office.

Who Uses the China Trademark Registration Certificate?

Although not compulsory, many China companies register their logos and brands with the China Trademark Office in order to protect their business.

Companies registered outside of China can also apply for a trademark in China and there are many that choose to do so, either because they plan to expand into China in the future, or for legal protection from copy cats.

The validity period of this certificate is 10 years, so during this period other companies cannot use the registered trademark for business. If a company wants to continue using their registered trademark after the expiration date, they will have to apply for an extension.

How to Verify a China Trademark Registration Certificate?

China Checkup offers verification of the China Trademark Registration Certificate, you can click the service page to view our service.

Also, if you need help identifying trademarks registered in China please make an enquiry, we may be able to assist you.

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