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List of 100+ Informative China News Websites

List of 100+ Informative China News Websites

by Matt Slater 31 October 2019

This article identifies over one hundred of the most informative English-language China news websites.

By regularly sharing news from China on our social media channels we have identified many good sources and thought it would be a good idea to share these with you, our readers.

So if you are looking for websites with news on China, look no further than this long list we have compiled.

Different Sources for China News

Getting informative and unbiased news on China can be very challenging so it is important to read a variety of sources.

News originating from within Mainland China (especially anything regarding politics) can be heavily censored so has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

On the other hand, China's restrictions on foreign media can also mean that foreign journalists struggle to get reliable sources of information.

In this article we cover only English-language China news websites and have divided them into 4 sections - international websites , Hong Kong & Taiwan websites, Mainland China websites and news aggregators.

International Websites for China News

Although websites from 12 different countries are featured in this section, over half are based in the USA, reflecting a strong media industry and a keen interest in China affairs.

Note that some websites with paywalls may have been omitted.

Name Type Headquarters China News URL
ABC News (Australia) Broadcaster Sydney, Australia
ABC News (USA) Broadcaster New York, USA
AFP News Agency Paris, France *
Al Jazeera Broadcaster Doha, Qatar
Asian Correspondent News Website Bristol, UK
AsiaOne News Website Singapore
Associated Press News Agency New York, USA
Australian Financial Review Newspaper Sydney, Australia
Axios News Website Virginia, USA
Barron's Magazine New York, USA *
BBC News Broadcaster London, UK
Bloomberg News Agency New York, USA
Business Insider News Website New York, USA
CBS News Broadcaster New York, USA
Channel News Asia News Agency Singapore
China Briefing Niche (Business) Hong Kong, China **
China Digital Times News Website California, USA **
China Law Blog Niche (Law) Seattle, USA **
ChinaFile Magazine New York, USA **
Chinascope News Website Washington D.C., USA **
CNBC Broadcaster New Jersey, USA
CNN Broadcaster Atlanta, USA
Deutsche Welle Broadcaster Bonn, Germany
Euronews Broadcaster Lyon, France
Financial Times Newspaper London, UK
Forbes Magazine New Jersey, USA *
Foreign Affairs Magazine New York, USA
Foreign Policy Magazine Washington D.C., USA
Fortune Magazine New York, USA
France24 Broadcaster Paris, France
Global News Broadcaster Toronto, Canada
Harvard Business Review Magazine Boston, USA *
Irish Independent Newspaper Dublin, Ireland *
ITV News Broadcaster London, UK
Jing Daily Niche (Luxury) New York, USA **
MSNBC Broadcaster New York, USA
National Public Radio Broadcaster Washington D.C., USA
NBC News Broadcaster New York, USA
New York Times Newspaper New York, USA *
Newsweek Magazine New York, USA
Nikkei Asian Review Newspaper Tokyo, Japan
PBS NewsHour Broadcaster Washington D.C., USA
Politico News Website Virginia, USA
Public Radio International Broadcaster Minneapolis, USA
Quartz News Website New York, USA
Radio Free Asia Broadcaster Washington D.C., USA
Reuters News Agency London, UK
SBS News Broadcaster Sydney, Australia *
Slate Magazine New York, USA
SupChina News Website New York, USA **
Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper Sydney, Australia
Tech in Asia Niche (Tech) Singapore
TechCrunch Niche (Tech) San Francisco, USA
The Age Newspaper Melbourne, Australia
The Atlantic Magazine Washington D.C., USA *
The Conversation News Website Melbourne, Australia
The Diplomat Magazine Tokyo, Japan
The Economist Magazine London, UK
The Epoch Times Newspaper New York, USA
The Globe and Mail Newspaper Toronto, Canada *
The Guardian Newspaper London, UK
The Hill Newspaper Washington D.C., USA
The Independent Newspaper London, UK *
The Interpreter News Website Sydney, Australia
The Irish Times Newspaper Dublin, Ireland *
The Japan Times Newspaper Tokyo, Japan
The Nation Magazine New York, USA
The National Interest Magazine Washington D.C., USA
The New Yorker Magazine New York, USA
The Straits Times Newspaper Singapore
The Telegraph Newspaper London, UK
The Times Newspaper London, UK
The Times of India Newspaper Mumbai, India
ThinkChina Magazine Singapore **
Time Magazine New York, USA
Toronto Star Newspaper Toronto, Canada
Voice of America Broadcaster Washington D.C., USA *
Vox News Website Washington D.C., USA
Wall Street Journal Newspaper New York, USA
Washington Examiner Newspaper Washington D.C., USA
Washington Post Newspaper Washington D.C., USA *

* Websites which don't have a China-specific webpage, but still contain informative news on China
** Websites which are primarily focused on China

Hong Kong and Taiwan News Websites

The following news websites are each based in Hong Kong or Taiwan, and as such cover China news in great depth.

Name Type Headquarters URL
Asia Times News Website Hong Kong
Focus Taiwan News Website Taipei, Taiwan
Hong Kong Free Press News Website Hong Kong
Inkstone News Website Hong Kong
RTHK Broadcaster Hong Kong
South China Morning Post Newspaper Hong Kong
Taipei Times Newspaper Taipei, Taiwan
Taiwan News Newspaper Taipei, Taiwan
Taiwan Sentinel News Website Taipei, Taiwan
The News Lens News Website Taipei, Taiwan
The Standard Newspaper Hong Kong

Mainland-based China News Websites

The following English-language China news websites are each based in the Mainland and are subject to censorship.

If you are looking for local news or business news though, they might be your best source of information.

Name Type Headquarters URL
Beijing Review Newspaper Beijing, China
Caixin Global News Website Beijing, China
China Central Television (CCTV) Broadcaster Beijing, China
CGTN Broadcaster Beijing, China
China Daily Newspaper Beijing, China
China News Service News Agency Beijing, China
China Plus by China Radio International Broadcaster Beijing, China News Website Beijing, China
Global Times Newspaper Beijing, China
People's Daily Newspaper Beijing, China
Shanghai Daily Newspaper Shanghai, China
Sixth Tone News Website Shanghai, China
Xinhua News Agency Beijing, China

Using News Aggregators for China News

If you are looking for China news from a diverse range of sources (including those mentioned in the lists above) you can do a lot worse then use a news aggregator.

These two services both have pages specific to news from China:

Name Website
Google News

Know Other Good China News Sources?

We have done our best to compile a valuable list of informative English language China news sources here, but no doubt there are many more we have missed. Please let us know if you know of any others by emailing - thanks!

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