Pre-Verified China Suppliers

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  • Pre-Verified China Suppliers

Pre-Verified China Suppliers

$ 499.00
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Importing from China? Identify China Suppliers Now 
Wasting valuable time and getting bad outcomes sourcing companies in China? Order a Pre-Verified China Suppliers report now and let our experts identify China suppliers with a genuine track record of exporting the commodity you require, to your country.

As verification specialists, China Checkup filters out the "black flags", whilst using our unique rating system to identify the best China suppliers for your requirements.

This report features pre-verification and in-depth profiles for the 5 highest-rated suppliers, including:

In addition, a list of up to 20 more potentially-suitable suppliers with contact details will be provided.

Guaranteed 10 working days turnaround.

Pre-Verified China Suppliers
Subject: Mainland China Company
Turnaround Time: 10 working days
Verification Details:

For highest-rated companies pre-verified to be qualified suppliers in Mainland China the following details will be provided:

Company Registration Information:
Registration Status, Official Company Name, Registration Number, Registered Address, Company Type, Date of Establishment, License Expiry Date, Legal Representative, Registration Bureau, Registered Capital, Paid-up Capital, Year of Most Recent Annual Return, Business Scope, Company Directors, Company Shareholders

Export History & Shipments History (China & US Custom Data):
Export Value, Export Countries, Export HTS Codes, Export Trade Type, Export Transport Type, Shipments Summary, Port of Lading, All U.S. Shipment Clients, Recent Shipments

Contact Details:
Phone Numbers, Email Addresses