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Places in China Starting with E

Places in China Starting with E

by Matt Slater

View our list of places in China starting with the letter E.

Main Cities

These are Chinese cities which are classified at prefecture-level or above.

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin More Details
Ezhou Prefecture-level City Hubei 鄂州 Èzhōu View

Other Places

Including county-level cities and other administrative divisions such as prefectures and leagues.
(Please note this list is not exhaustive.)

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin
Emeishan County-level City Sichuan 峨眉山 Éméishān
Enping County-level City Guangdong 恩平 Ēnpíng
Enshi Autonomous Prefecture Hubei 恩施 Ēnshī
Enshi County-level City Hubei 恩施 Ēnshī
Erenhot Sub-prefecture-level City Inner Mongolia 二连浩特 Èrliánhàotè
Ergun County-level City Inner Mongolia 额尔古纳 Éěrgǔnà

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