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We are the China verification specialists

Expertly verifying Chinese companies since 2013, China Checkup was the first website to offer online China business verification services. 

Featuring fast, guaranteed turnaround times, accurate results and a convenient payment process, we have helped thousands of clients worldwide do business in China safely. 

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Six great reasons to choose China Checkup
1. Get unbiased, independent information
We do not contact the company being researched

2. Don't worry about any unexpected or hidden costs
We're honest and up-front, the price you see is the price you pay

3. Avoid confusion and misunderstanding
We give you expert translations and explanations in native-level English

4. Make payment securely and easily online
Card payments processed by Stripe and PayPal, no sign-up required

5. Be confident you're getting the facts
Our reports use verified, official sources

6. Save time and hassle
Your report will be delivered straight to your inbox in PDF format, fast!