China Pro Verification -  For a more comprehensive verification of a Mainland China company with extra report details

Use China Pro Verification report to get more comprehensive details about a Chinese company. Includes maps and images of site, a check for law enforcement actions and details of registration changes.

Subject: Mainland China Company
Turnaround Time: 1 working day
Verification Details:

For companies verified to be legally registered entities in Mainland China the following registration details will be provided:

Company Registration Information:
Registration Status, Official Company Name, Registration Number, Registered Address, Company Type, Date of Establishment, License Expiry Date, Legal Representative, Registration Bureau, Registered Capital, Paid-up Capital, Year of Most Recent Annual Return, Business Scope

Company Directors:
Director Names, Director Titles

Company Shareholders:
Shareholder Names, Shareholder Holdings, Dates of Latest Investment

Registration Changes:
Changes to registration details, Recent changes since 2013 are typically availabe

Law Enforcement Check:
Identify any law enforcement actions against the company; If applicable, provide details including court name, date, case number and claim amount

Site Identification:
Map of Registered Address Location, Image of Registered Address Location

Please note that not all registration details may be available for a China Pro Verification.

Applicable Locations

Any company registered anywhere in Mainland China.
This includes those located in provinces:

and those located in major cities including, but not limited to:

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