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Our China company verification services offer an efficient way to confirm details of any Chinese company, letting you make an informed decision. 

For a fast and comprehensive verification, choose China Company Verification, for more details at a great price choose Pro Verification. If you need "official" confirmation, choose Certified Verification.

Also take a look at our range of add-ons for a more comprehensive verification. Just add to your cart when you buy a company verification report.


China Company Verification

China Pro Verification

China Certified Verification

Cost USD 129 USD 199 USD 349
Turnaround Time 1 working day 1 working day 5 working days
Registration Details
Registration Status
Official Company Name
Registration Number
Registered Address
Company Type
Date of Establishment
License Expiry Date
Legal Representative
Registration Bureau
Registered Capital
Paid-up Capital
Year of Most Recent Annual Return
Business Scope
Company Directors
Director Names
Director Titles
Company Shareholders
Shareholder Names
Shareholder Holdings
Dates of Latest Investment
Registration Changes
Changes to registration details (Add-on +$50)
Recent changes since 2013 are typically availabe (Add-on +$50)
Law Enforcement
Identify any law enforcement actions against the company (Add-on +$50)
If applicable, provide details including court name, date, case number and claim amount (Add-on +$50)
Site Identification
Map of Registered Address Location (Add-on +$50)
Image of Registered Address Location (Add-on +$50)
Official Record
Scan of Government-Chopped Company Registration Record (Add-on +$170) (Add-on +$170)
Guaranteed Official and Most Recent Data, Nationwide Coverage (Add-on +$170) (Add-on +$170)