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  • Know their track record - export data, registration checks, contact details

Type: China Sourcing Report


Importing from China? Identify China Suppliers Now 
Wasting valuable time and getting bad outcomes sourcing companies in China? Order a China Sourcing Report now and let our experts identify China suppliers with a genuine track record of exporting the commodity you require, to your country.

As verification specialists, China Checkup filters out the "red flags", whilst using our unique rating system to identify the best China suppliers for your requirements.

This report features an in-depth profile and pre-verification for the 5 highest-rated suppliers, including:

In addition, a list of up to 20 more potentially-suitable suppliers with contact details will be provided.

Guaranteed 10 working days turnaround.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take to get my report?
A. We process China Sourcing Report in 10 working days. In general you will receive your report within 2 weeks. Note that our reports are manually researched and verified using live information sources, and are not automatically generated.
Q. Where does the information come from?
A. We identify and verify companies using information from a range of official government sources and third party databases.
Q. How long is the report valid for?
A. As a company’s registration records, export data and contact details could change at any time, strictly speaking our identification is confirmed only at the time of research.
Q. What information do I need to provide in order to China Sourcing Report?
A. In order to identify the most suitable suppliers for your needs, we require a) the product name b) target market c) product requirements d) additional information.
Q. I can't use credit card or PayPal, how can I order?
A. No problem, we also accept bank transfer. Please contact us at to arrange.
Q. Why didn't I receive my report?
A. China Checkup takes great care to ensure that all reports are delivered on or prior to the estimated delivery date. In previous cases where clients have not received their reports, it has been found that email spam filters have incorrectly prevented the report from being received. If you do not receive your report after the estimated delivery date, please contact us at so we can urgently resolve.
Q. I can't find the answer to my question here, what should I do?
A. Just send an email to info@chinacheckup and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Applicable Products

Any product that is currently manufactured in Mainland China.

Including, but not limited to these product categories:
  • Agriculture & Food
  • Apparel,Textiles & Accessories
  • Auto & Transportation
  • Bags, Shoes & Accessories
  • Electronics
  • Electrical Equipment, Components & Telecoms
  • Gifts, Sports & Toys
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home, Lights & Construction
  • Machinery, Industrial Parts & Tools
  • Metallurgy, Chemicals, Rubber & Plastics
  • Packaging, Advertising & Office

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