Macau (澳门)


Macau is a city located within the Macau Special Administrative Region in South China.

Under China's 'One country, two systems' policy, Macau is classified as a "Special Administrative Region", meaning it has the highest degree of autonomy among Chinese cities.

Map of Macau

Macau in Chinese

The official name of Macau in simplified Chinese characters and pinyin is:


Due to the city's SAR status, Macau is commonly referred to in Chinese as a "special area" (特区). In these circumstances its name is written:

Àomén tèqū

Macau Transportation

Airports in Macau

Macau is served by the following airports:

  • Macau International Airport (IATA: MFM | ICAO: VMMC)

Macau Light Rapid Transit

The city of Macau's metro system commenced operation on 10 December 2019.

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