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Places in China Starting With Z

Places in China Starting With Z

by Matt Slater

View our list of places in China starting with the letter Z.


Including municipalities, autonomous regions and special administrative regions.

Name Classification Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin More Details
Zhejiang Province 浙江 Zhèjiāng View

Main Cities

These are Chinese cities which are classified at prefecture-level or above.

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin More Details
Zaozhuang Prefecture-level City Shandong 枣庄 Zǎozhuāng View
Zhangjiajie Prefecture-level City Hunan 张家界 Zhāngjiājiè View
Zhangjiakou Prefecture-level City Hebei 张家口 Zhāngjiākǒu View
Zhangye Prefecture-level City Gansu 张掖 Zhāngyē View
Zhangzhou Prefecture-level City Fujian 漳州 Zhāngzhōu View
Zhanjiang Prefecture-level City Guangdong 湛江 Zhànjiāng View
Zhaoqing Prefecture-level City Guangdong 肇庆 Zhàoqìng View
Zhaotong Prefecture-level City Yunnan 昭通 Zhāotōng View
Zhengzhou Prefecture-level City Henan 郑州 Zhèngzhōu View
Zhenjiang Prefecture-level City Jiangsu 镇江 Zhènjiāng View
Zhongshan Prefecture-level City Guangdong 中山 Zhōngshān View
Zhongwei Prefecture-level City Ningxia 中卫 Zhōngwèi View
Zhoukou Prefecture-level City Henan 周口 Zhōukǒu View
Zhoushan Prefecture-level City Zhejiang 舟山 Zhōushān View
Zhuhai Prefecture-level City Guangdong 珠海 Zhūhǎi View
Zhumadian Prefecture-level City Henan 驻马店 Zhùmǎdiàn View
Zhuzhou Prefecture-level City Hunan 株洲 Zhūzhōu View
Zibo Prefecture-level City Shandong 淄博 Zībó View
Zigong Prefecture-level City Sichuan 自贡 Zìgòng View
Ziyang Prefecture-level City Sichuan 资阳 Zīyáng View
Zunyi Prefecture-level City Guizhou 遵义 Zūnyì View

Other Places

Including county-level cities and other administrative divisions such as prefectures and leagues.
(Please note this list is not exhaustive.)

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin
Zaoyang County-level City Hubei 枣阳 Zǎoyáng
Zhalantun County-level City Inner Mongolia 扎兰屯 Zhālántún
Zhangjiagang County-level City Jiangsu 张家港 Zhāngjiāgǎng
Zhangping County-level City Fujian 漳平 Zhāngpíng
Zhangshu County-level City Jiangxi 樟树 Zhāngshù
Zhaodong County-level City Heilongjiang 肇东 Zhàodōng
Zhaoyuan County-level City Shandong 招远 Zhāoyuǎn
Zhijiang County-level City Hubei 枝江 Zhījiāng
Zhongxiang County-level City Hubei 钟祥 Zhōngxiáng
Zhuanghe County-level City Liaoning 庄河 Zhuānghé
Zhucheng County-level City Shandong 诸城 Zhūchéng
Zhuji County-level City Zhejiang 诸暨 Zhūjì
Zhuozhou County-level City Hebei 涿州 Zhuōzhōu
Zichang County-level City Shaanxi 子长 Zǐcháng
Zixing County-level City Hunan 资兴 Zīxīng
Zoucheng County-level City Shandong 邹城 Zōuchéng
Zouping County-level City Shandong 邹平 Zōupíng
Zunhua County-level City Hebei 遵化 Zūnhuà

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