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Places in China Starting With Y

Places in China Starting With Y

by Matt Slater

View our list of places in China starting with the letter Y.


Including municipalities, autonomous regions and special administrative regions.

Name Classification Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin More Details
Yunnan Province 云南 Yúnnán View

Main Cities

These are Chinese cities which are classified at prefecture-level or above.

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin More Details
Ya'an Prefecture-level City Sichuan 雅安 Yǎ'ān View
Yan'an Prefecture-level City Shaanxi 延安 Yán'ān View
Yancheng Prefecture-level City Jiangsu 盐城 Yánchéng View
Yangjiang Prefecture-level City Guangdong 阳江 Yángjiāng View
Yangquan Prefecture-level City Shanxi 阳泉 Yángquán View
Yangzhou Prefecture-level City Jiangsu 扬州 Yángzhōu View
Yantai Prefecture-level City Shandong 烟台 Yāntái View
Yibin Prefecture-level City Sichuan 宜宾 Yíbīn View
Yichang Prefecture-level City Hubei 宜昌 Yíchāng View
Yichun Prefecture-level City Heilongjiang 伊春 Yíchūn View
Yichun Prefecture-level City Jiangxi 宜春 Yīchūn View
Yinchuan Prefecture-level City Ningxia 银川 Yínchuān View
Yingkou Prefecture-level City Liaoning 营口 Yíngkǒu View
Yingtan Prefecture-level City Jiangxi 鹰潭 Yīngtán View
Yiyang Prefecture-level City Hunan 益阳 Yìyáng View
Yongzhou Prefecture-level City Hunan 永州 Yǒngzhōu View
Yueyang Prefecture-level City Hunan 岳阳 Yuèyáng View
Yulin Prefecture-level City Shaanxi 榆林 Yúlín View
Yulin Prefecture-level City Guangxi 玉林 Yùlín View
Yuncheng Prefecture-level City Shanxi 运城 Yùnchéng View
Yunfu Prefecture-level City Guangdong 云浮 Yúnfú View
Yuxi Prefecture-level City Yunnan 玉溪 Yùxī View

Other Places

Including county-level cities and other administrative divisions such as prefectures and leagues.
(Please note this list is not exhaustive.)

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin
Yakeshi County-level City Inner Mongolia 牙克石 Yákèshí
Yanbian Autonomous Prefecture Jilin 延边 Yánbiān
Yangchun Sub-prefecture-level City Guangdong 阳春 Yángchūn
Yangzhong County-level City Jiangsu 扬中 Yángzhōng
Yanji County-level City Jilin 延吉 Yánjí
Yanshi County-level City Henan 偃师 Yǎnshī
Yicheng County-level City Hubei 宜城 Yíchéng
Yidu County-level City Hubei 宜都 Yídū
Yima County-level City Henan 义马 Yìmǎ
Yingcheng County-level City Hubei 应城 Yīngchéng
Yingde Sub-prefecture-level City Guangdong 英德 Yīngdé
Yining County-level City Xinjiang 伊宁 Yīníng
Yiwu Sub-prefecture-level City Zhejiang 义乌 Yìwū
Yixing County-level City Jiangsu 宜兴 Yíxīng
Yizheng County-level City Jiangsu 仪征 Yízhēng
Yongcheng Sub-prefecture-level City Henan 永城 Yǒngchéng
Yongji County-level City Shanxi 永济 Yǒngjì
Yongkang County-level City Zhejiang 永康 Yǒngkāng
Yong’an County-level City Fujian 永安 Yǒng'ān
Yuanjiang County-level City Hunan 沅江 Yuánjiāng
Yuanping County-level City Shanxi 原平 Yuánpíng
Yucheng County-level City Shandong 禹城 Yǔchéng
Yueqing County-level City Zhejiang 乐清 Yuèqīng
Yuhuan County-level City Zhejiang 玉环 Yùhuán
Yumen County-level City Gansu 玉门 Yùmén
Yushu Autonomous Prefecture Qinghai 玉树 Yùshù
Yushu County-level City Jilin 榆树 Yúshù
Yushu County-level City Qinghai 玉树 Yùshù
Yuyao County-level City Zhejiang 余姚 Yúyáo
Yuzhou County-level City Henan 禹州 Yǔzhōu

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