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Places in China Starting With T

Places in China Starting With T

by Matt Slater

View our list of places in China starting with the letter T.


Including municipalities, autonomous regions and special administrative regions.

Name Classification Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin More Details
Tianjin Municipality Municipality 天津 Tiānjīn View
Tibet Autonomous Region 西藏 Xīzàng View

Main Cities

These are Chinese cities which are classified at prefecture-level or above.

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin More Details
Tai'an Prefecture-level City Shandong 泰安 Tài'ān View
Taiyuan Prefecture-level City Shanxi 太原 Tàiyuán View
Taizhou Prefecture-level City Zhejiang 台州 Tàizhōu View
Taizhou Prefecture-level City Jiangsu 泰州 Táizhōu View
Tangshan Prefecture-level City Hebei 唐山 Tángshān View
Tianjin Municipality Tianjin Municipality 天津 Tiānjīn View
Tianshui Prefecture-level City Gansu 天水 Tiānshuǐ View
Tieling Prefecture-level City Liaoning 铁岭 Tiělǐng View
Tongchuan Prefecture-level City Shaanxi 铜川 Tóngchuān View
Tonghua Prefecture-level City Jilin 通化 Tōnghuà View
Tongliao Prefecture-level City Inner Mongolia 通辽 Tōngliáo View
Tongling Prefecture-level City Anhui 铜陵 Tónglíng View
Tongren Prefecture-level City Guizhou 铜仁 Tóngrén View
Turpan Prefecture-level City Xinjiang 吐鲁番 Tǔlǔfān View

Other Places

Including county-level cities and other administrative divisions such as prefectures and leagues.
(Please note this list is not exhaustive.)

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin
Tacheng Prefecture Xinjiang 塔城 Tǎchéng
Tacheng County-level City Xinjiang 塔城 Tǎchéng
Taicang County-level City Jiangsu 太仓 Tàicāng
Taishan County-level City Guangdong 台山 Táishān
Taixing Sub-prefecture-level City Jiangsu 泰兴 Tàixìng
Taonan County-level City Jilin 洮南 Táonán
Tengchong County-level City Yunnan 腾冲 Téngchōng
Tengzhou County-level City Shandong 滕州 Téngzhōu
Tianchang County-level City Anhui 天长 Tiāncháng
Tianmen Sub-prefecture-level City Hubei 天门 Tiānmén
Tieli County-level City Heilongjiang 铁力 Tiělì
Tiemenguan Sub-prefecture-level City Xinjiang 铁门关 Tiěménguān
Tongcheng County-level City Anhui 桐城 Tóngchéng
Tongjiang County-level City Heilongjiang 同江 Tóngjiāng
Tongren County-level City Qinghai 同仁 Tóngrén
Tongxiang County-level City Zhejiang 桐乡 Tóngxiāng
Tumen County-level City Jilin 图们 Túmen
Tumxuk Sub-prefecture-level City Xinjiang 图木舒克 Túmùshūkè

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