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Places in China Starting With S

Places in China Starting With S

by Matt Slater

View our list of places in China starting with the letter S.


Including municipalities, autonomous regions and special administrative regions.

Name Classification Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin More Details
Shaanxi Province 陕西 Shǎnxī View
Shandong Province 山东 Shāndōng View
Shanghai Municipality Municipality 上海 Shànghǎi View
Shanxi Province 山西 Shānxī View
Sichuan Province 四川 Sìchuān View

Main Cities

These are Chinese cities which are classified at prefecture-level or above.

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin More Details
Sanmenxia Prefecture-level City Henan 三门峡 Sānménxiá View
Sanming Prefecture-level City Fujian 三明 Sānmíng View
Sansha Prefecture-level City Hainan 三沙 Sānshā View
Sanya Prefecture-level City Hainan 三亚 Sānyà View
Shanghai Municipality Shanghai Municipality 上海 Shànghǎi View
Shangluo Prefecture-level City Shaanxi 商洛 Shāngluò View
Shangqiu Prefecture-level City Henan 商丘 Shāngqiū View
Shangrao Prefecture-level City Jiangxi 上饶 Shàngráo View
Shannan Prefecture-level City Tibet 山南 Shānnán View
Shantou Prefecture-level City Guangdong 汕头 Shàntóu View
Shanwei Prefecture-level City Guangdong 汕尾 Shànwěi View
Shaoguan Prefecture-level City Guangdong 韶关 Sháoguān View
Shaoxing Prefecture-level City Zhejiang 绍兴 Shàoxīng View
Shaoyang Prefecture-level City Hunan 邵阳 Shàoyáng View
Shenyang Sub-provincial City Liaoning 沈阳 Shěnyáng View
Shenzhen Sub-provincial City Guangdong 深圳 Shēnzhèn View
Shijiazhuang Prefecture-level City Hebei 石家庄 Shíjiāzhuāng View
Shiyan Prefecture-level City Hubei 十堰 Shíyàn View
Shizuishan Prefecture-level City Ningxia 石嘴山 Shízuǐshān View
Shuangyashan Prefecture-level City Heilongjiang 双鸭山 Shuāngyāshān View
Shuozhou Prefecture-level City Shanxi 朔州 Shuòzhōu View
Siping Prefecture-level City Jilin 四平 Sìpíng View
Songyuan Prefecture-level City Jilin 松原 Sōngyuán View
Suihua Prefecture-level City Heilongjiang 绥化 Suíhuà View
Suining Prefecture-level City Sichuan 遂宁 Suìníng View
Suizhou Prefecture-level City Hubei 随州 Suízhōu View
Suqian Prefecture-level City Jiangsu 宿迁 Sùqiān View
Suzhou Prefecture-level City Anhui 宿州 Sūzhōu View
Suzhou Prefecture-level City Jiangsu 苏州 Sùzhōu View

Other Places

Including county-level cities and other administrative divisions such as prefectures and leagues.
(Please note this list is not exhaustive.)

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin
Sanhe County-level City Hebei 三河 Sānhé
Shahe County-level City Hebei 沙河 Shāhé
Shangri-La County-level City Yunnan 香格里拉 Xiānggélǐlā
Shangzhi County-level City Heilongjiang 尚志 Shàngzhì
Shaodong County-level City Hunan 邵东 Shàodōng
Shaoshan Sub-prefecture-level City Hunan 韶山 Sháoshān
Shaowu County-level City Fujian 邵武 Shàowǔ
Shehong County-level City Sichuan 射洪 Shèhóng
Shengzhou County-level City Zhejiang 嵊州 Shèngzhōu
Shenmu County-level City Shaanxi 神木 Shénmù
Shenzhou County-level City Hebei 深州 Shēnzhōu
Shifang County-level City Sichuan 什邡 Shífāng
Shihezi Sub-prefecture-level City Xinjiang 石河子 Shíhézi
Shishi County-level City Fujian 石狮 Shíshī
Shishou County-level City Hubei 石首 Shíshǒu
Shouguang County-level City Shandong 寿光 Shòuguāng
Shuanghe Sub-prefecture-level City Xinjiang 双河 Shuānghé
Shuangliao County-level City Jilin 双辽 Shuāngliáo
Shuifu County-level City Yunnan 水富 Shuǐfù
Shulan County-level City Jilin 舒兰 Shūlán
Sihui County-level City Guangdong 四会 Sìhuì
Songzi County-level City Hubei 松滋 Sōngzī
Suifenhe Sub-prefecture-level City Heilongjiang 绥芬河 Suífēnhé

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