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Places in China Starting With N

Places in China Starting With N

by Matt Slater

View our list of places in China starting with the letter N.


Including municipalities, autonomous regions and special administrative regions.

Name Classification Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin More Details
Ningxia Autonomous Region 宁夏 Níngxià View

Main Cities

These are Chinese cities which are classified at prefecture-level or above.

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin More Details
Nagqu Prefecture-level City Tibet 那曲 Nàqū View
Nanchang Prefecture-level City Jiangxi 南昌 Nánchāng View
Nanchong Prefecture-level City Sichuan 南充 Nánchōng View
Nanjing Sub-provincial City Jiangsu 南京 Nánjīng View
Nanning Prefecture-level City Guangxi 南宁 Nánníng View
Nanping Prefecture-level City Fujian 南平 Nánpíng View
Nantong Prefecture-level City Jiangsu 南通 Nántōng View
Nanyang Prefecture-level City Henan 南阳 Nányáng View
Neijiang Prefecture-level City Sichuan 内江 Nèijiāng View
Ningbo Sub-provincial City Zhejiang 宁波 Níngbō View
Ningde Prefecture-level City Fujian 宁德 Níngdé View
Nyingchi Prefecture-level City Tibet 林芝 Línzhī View

Other Places

Including county-level cities and other administrative divisions such as prefectures and leagues.
(Please note this list is not exhaustive.)

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin
Nan'an County-level City Fujian 南安 Nán'ān
Nangong County-level City Hebei 南宫 Nángōng
Nanxiong Sub-prefecture-level City Guangdong 南雄 Nánxióng
Nehe County-level City Heilongjiang 讷河 Nèhé
Nenjiang County-level City Heilongjiang 嫩江 Nènjiāng
Ngari Prefecture Tibet 阿里 Ālǐ
Ning'an County-level City Heilongjiang 宁安 Níng'ān
Ningguo County-level City Anhui 宁国 Níngguó
Ningxiang County-level City Hunan 宁乡 Níngxiāng
Nujiang Autonomous Prefecture Yunnan 怒江 Nùjiāng

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