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Places in China Starting With L

Places in China Starting With L

by Matt Slater

View our list of places in China starting with the letter L.


Including municipalities, autonomous regions and special administrative regions.

Name Classification Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin More Details
Liaoning Province 辽宁 Liáoníng View

Main Cities

These are Chinese cities which are classified at prefecture-level or above.

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin More Details
Laibin Prefecture-level City Guangxi 来宾 Láibīn View
Langfang Prefecture-level City Hebei 廊坊 Lángfāng View
Lanzhou Prefecture-level City Gansu 兰州 Lánzhōu View
Leshan Prefecture-level City Sichuan 乐山 Lèshān View
Lhasa Prefecture-level City Tibet 拉萨 Lāsà View
Lianyungang Prefecture-level City Jiangsu 连云港 Liányúngǎng View
Liaocheng Prefecture-level City Shandong 聊城 Liáochéng View
Liaoyang Prefecture-level City Liaoning 辽阳 Liáoyáng View
Liaoyuan Prefecture-level City Jilin 辽源 Liáoyuán View
Lijiang Prefecture-level City Yunnan 丽江 Lìjiāng View
Lincang Prefecture-level City Yunnan 临沧 Líncāng View
Linfen Prefecture-level City Shanxi 临汾 Línfén View
Linyi Prefecture-level City Shandong 临沂 Línyí View
Lishui Prefecture-level City Zhejiang 丽水 Lìshuǐ View
Liupanshui Prefecture-level City Guizhou 六盘水 Liùpánshuǐ View
Liuzhou Prefecture-level City Guangxi 柳州 Liǔzhōu View
Longnan Prefecture-level City Gansu 陇南 Lǒngnán View
Longyan Prefecture-level City Fujian 龙岩 Lóngyán View
Loudi Prefecture-level City Hunan 娄底 Lóudǐ View
Lu'an Prefecture-level City Anhui 六安 Lù'ān View
Luohe Prefecture-level City Henan 漯河 Luòhé View
Luoyang Prefecture-level City Henan 洛阳 Luòyáng View
Luzhou Prefecture-level City Sichuan 泸州 Lúzhōu View
Lüliang Prefecture-level City Shanxi 吕梁 Lǚliáng View

Other Places

Including county-level cities and other administrative divisions such as prefectures and leagues.
(Please note this list is not exhaustive.)

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin
Laixi County-level City Shandong 莱西 Láixī
Laiyang County-level City Shandong 莱阳 Láiyáng
Laizhou County-level City Shandong 莱州 Láizhōu
Langzhong County-level City Sichuan 阆中 Làngzhōng
Lanxi County-level City Zhejiang 兰溪 Lánxī
Laohekou County-level City Hubei 老河口 Lǎohékǒu
Lechang County-level City Guangdong 乐昌 Lèchāng
Leiyang County-level City Hunan 耒阳 Lěiyáng
Leizhou County-level City Guangdong 雷州 Léizhōu
Leling County-level City Shandong 乐陵 Lèlíng
Lengshuijiang County-level City Hunan 冷水江 Lěngshuǐjiāng
Leping County-level City Jiangxi 乐平 Lèpíng
Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture Sichuan 凉山 Liángshān
Lianjiang County-level City Guangdong 廉江 Liánjiāng
Lianyuan County-level City Hunan 涟源 Liányuán
Lianzhou County-level City Guangdong 连州 Liánzhōu
Lichuan County-level City Hubei 利川 Lìchuān
Liling County-level City Hunan 醴陵 Lǐlíng
Lingbao County-level City Henan 灵宝 Língbǎo
Linghai County-level City Liaoning 凌海 Línghǎi
Lingwu County-level City Ningxia 灵武 Língwǔ
Lingyuan County-level City Liaoning 凌源 Língyuán
Linhai County-level City Zhejiang 临海 Línhǎi
Linjiang County-level City Jilin 临江 Línjiāng
Linqing County-level City Shandong 临清 Línqīng
Linxia County-level City Gansu 临夏 Línxià
Linxia Autonomous Prefecture Gansu 临夏 Línxià
Linxiang County-level City Hunan 临湘 Línxiāng
Linzhou County-level City Henan 林州 Línzhōu
Lipu County-level City Guangxi 荔浦 Lìpǔ
Liuyang County-level City Hunan 浏阳 Liúyáng
Liyang County-level City Jiangsu 溧阳 Lìyáng
Longchang County-level City Sichuan 隆昌 Lóngchāng
Longgang County-level City Zhejiang 龙港 Lónggǎng
Longhai County-level City Fujian 龙海 Lónghǎi
Longjing County-level City Jilin 龙井 Lóngjǐng
Longkou County-level City Shandong 龙口 Lóngkǒu
Longnan County-level City Jiangxi 龙南 Lóngnán
Longquan County-level City Zhejiang 龙泉 Lóngquán
Luanzhou County-level City Hebei 滦州 Luánzhōu
Lufeng Sub-prefecture-level City Guangdong 陆丰 Lùfēng
Luoding Sub-prefecture-level City Guangdong 罗定 Luódìng
Lushan County-level City Jiangxi 庐山 Lúshān
Lushui County-level City Yunnan 泸水 Lúshuǐ

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