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Places in China Starting With J

Places in China Starting With J

by Matt Slater

View our list of places in China starting with the letter J.


Including municipalities, autonomous regions and special administrative regions.

Name Classification Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin More Details
Jiangsu Province 江苏 Jiāngsū View
Jiangxi Province 江西 Jiāngxī View
Jilin Province 吉林 Jílín View

Main Cities

These are Chinese cities which are classified at prefecture-level or above.

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin More Details
Ji'an Prefecture-level City Jiangxi 吉安 Jí'ān View
Jiamusi Prefecture-level City Heilongjiang 佳木斯 Jiāmùsī View
Jiangmen Prefecture-level City Guangdong 江门 Jiāngmén View
Jiaozuo Prefecture-level City Henan 焦作 Jiāozuò View
Jiaxing Prefecture-level City Zhejiang 嘉兴 Jiāxìng View
Jiayuguan Prefecture-level City Gansu 嘉峪关 Jiāyùguān View
Jieyang Prefecture-level City Guangdong 揭阳 Jiēyáng View
Jilin Prefecture-level City Jilin 吉林 Jílín View
Jinan Sub-provincial City Shandong 济南 Jǐnán View
Jinchang Prefecture-level City Gansu 金昌 Jīnchāng View
Jincheng Prefecture-level City Shanxi 晋城 Jìnchéng View
Jingdezhen Prefecture-level City Jiangxi 景德镇 Jǐngdézhèn View
Jingmen Prefecture-level City Hubei 荆门 Jīngmén View
Jingzhou Prefecture-level City Hubei 荆州 Jīngzhōu View
Jinhua Prefecture-level City Zhejiang 金华 Jīnhuá View
Jining Prefecture-level City Shandong 济宁 Jìníng View
Jinzhong Prefecture-level City Shanxi 晋中 Jìnzhōng View
Jinzhou Prefecture-level City Liaoning 锦州 Jǐnzhōu View
Jiujiang Prefecture-level City Jiangxi 九江 Jiǔjiāng View
Jiuquan Prefecture-level City Gansu 酒泉 Jiǔquán View
Jixi Prefecture-level City Heilongjiang 鸡西 Jīxī View

Other Places

Including county-level cities and other administrative divisions such as prefectures and leagues.
(Please note this list is not exhaustive.)

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin
Ji'an County-level City Jilin 集安 Jí'ān
Jian'ou County-level City Fujian 建瓯 Jiàn'ōu
Jiande County-level City Zhejiang 建德 Jiàndé
Jiangshan County-level City Zhejiang 江山 Jiāngshān
Jiangyin County-level City Jiangsu 江阴 Jiāngyīn
Jiangyou County-level City Sichuan 江油 Jiāngyóu
Jianli County-level City Hubei 监利 Jiānlì
Jianyang County-level City Sichuan 简阳 Jiǎnyáng
Jiaohe County-level City Jilin 蛟河 Jiāohé
Jiaozhou County-level City Shandong 胶州 Jiāozhōu
Jieshou County-level City Anhui 界首 Jièshǒu
Jiexiu County-level City Shanxi 介休 Jièxiū
Jinggangshan County-level City Jiangxi 井冈山 Jǐnggāngshān
Jinghong County-level City Yunnan 景洪 Jǐnghóng
Jingjiang County-level City Jiangsu 靖江 Jìngjiāng
Jingshan County-level City Hubei 京山 Jīngshān
Jingxi County-level City Guangxi 靖西 Jìngxī
Jinjiang County-level City Fujian 晋江 Jìnjiāng
Jinshi County-level City Hunan Jīn
Jinzhou County-level City Hebei 晋州 Jìnzhōu
Jishou County-level City Hunan 吉首 Jíshǒu
Jiyuan Sub-prefecture-level City Henan 济源 Jìyuán
Jurong County-level City Jiangsu 句容 Jùróng

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