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Places in China Starting With H

Places in China Starting With H

by Matt Slater

View our list of places in China starting with the letter H.


Including municipalities, autonomous regions and special administrative regions.

Name Classification Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin More Details
Hainan Province 海南 Hǎinán View
Hebei Province 河北 Héběi View
Heilongjiang Province 黑龙江 Hēilóngjiāng View
Henan Province 河南 Hénán View
Hong Kong SAR Special Administrative Region 香港 Xiānggǎng View
Hubei Province 湖北 Húběi View
Hunan Province 湖南 Húnán View

Main Cities

These are Chinese cities which are classified at prefecture-level or above.

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin More Details
Haidong Prefecture-level City Qinghai 海东 Hǎidōng View
Haikou Prefecture-level City Hainan 海口 Hǎikǒu View
Hami Prefecture-level City Xinjiang 哈密 Hāmì View
Handan Prefecture-level City Hebei 邯郸 Hándān View
Hangzhou Sub-provincial City Zhejiang 杭州 Hángzhōu View
Hanzhong Prefecture-level City Shaanxi 汉中 Hànzhōng View
Harbin Sub-provincial City Heilongjiang 哈尔滨 Hā'ěrbīn View
Hebi Prefecture-level City Henan 鹤壁 Hèbì View
Hechi Prefecture-level City Guangxi 河池 Héchí View
Hefei Prefecture-level City Anhui 合肥 Héféi View
Hegang Prefecture-level City Heilongjiang 鹤岗 Hègǎng View
Heihe Prefecture-level City Heilongjiang 黑河 Hēihé View
Hengshui Prefecture-level City Hebei 衡水 Héngshuǐ View
Hengyang Prefecture-level City Hunan 衡阳 Héngyáng View
Heyuan Prefecture-level City Guangdong 河源 Héyuán View
Heze Prefecture-level City Shandong 菏泽 Hézé View
Hezhou Prefecture-level City Guangxi 贺州 Hèzhōu View
Hohhot Prefecture-level City Inner Mongolia 呼和浩特 Hūhéhàotè View
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Hong Kong SAR 香港 Xiānggǎng View
Huai'an Prefecture-level City Jiangsu 淮安 Huái'ān View
Huaibei Prefecture-level City Anhui 淮北 Huáiběi View
Huaihua Prefecture-level City Hunan 怀化 Huáihuà View
Huainan Prefecture-level City Anhui 淮南 Huáinán View
Huanggang Prefecture-level City Hubei 黄冈 Huánggāng View
Huangshan Prefecture-level City Anhui 黄山 Huángshān View
Huangshi Prefecture-level City Hubei 黄石 Huángshí View
Huizhou Prefecture-level City Guangdong 惠州 Huìzhōu View
Huludao Prefecture-level City Liaoning 葫芦岛 Húludǎo View
Hulun Buir Prefecture-level City Inner Mongolia 呼伦贝尔 Hūlúnbèi'ěr View
Huzhou Prefecture-level City Zhejiang 湖州 Húzhōu View

Other Places

Including county-level cities and other administrative divisions such as prefectures and leagues.
(Please note this list is not exhaustive.)

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin
Hai'an County-level City Jiangsu 海安 Hǎi'ān
Haibei Autonomous Prefecture Qinghai 海北 Hǎiběi
Haicheng County-level City Liaoning 海城 Hǎichéng
Hailin County-level City Heilongjiang 海林 Hǎilín
Hailun County-level City Heilongjiang 海伦 Hǎilún
Hainan Autonomous Prefecture Qinghai 海南 Hǎinán
Haining County-level City Zhejiang 海宁 Hǎiníng
Haixi Autonomous Prefecture Qinghai 海西 Hǎixī
Haiyang County-level City Shandong 海阳 Hǎiyáng
Hancheng Sub-prefecture-level City Shaanxi 韩城 Hánchéng
Hanchuan County-level City Hubei 汉川 Hànchuān
Hejian County-level City Hebei 河间 Héjiān
Hejin County-level City Shanxi 河津 Héjīn
Helong County-level City Jilin 和龙 Hélóng
Heshan County-level City Guangdong 鹤山 Hèshān
Heshan County-level City Guangxi 合山 Héshān
Hezuo County-level City Gansu 合作 Hézuò
Hinggan League Inner Mongolia 兴安 Xìng'ān
Holingol County-level City Inner Mongolia 霍林郭勒 Huòlínguōlè
Honghe Autonomous Prefecture Yunnan 红河 Hónghé
Honghu County-level City Hubei 洪湖 Hónghú
Hongjiang County-level City Hunan 洪江 Hóngjiāng
Hotan Prefecture Xinjiang 和田 Hétián
Hotan County-level City Xinjiang 和田 Hétián
Houma County-level City Shanxi 侯马 Hóumǎ
Huadian County-level City Jilin 桦甸 Huàdiàn
Huairen County-level City Shanxi 怀仁 Huáirén
Huanghua County-level City Hebei 黄骅 Huánghuá
Huangnan Autonomous Prefecture Qinghai 黄南 Huángnán
Huating County-level City Gansu 华亭 Huátíng
Huayin County-level City Shaanxi 华阴 Huàyīn
Huaying County-level City Sichuan 华蓥 Huáyíng
Huazhou County-level City Guangdong 化州 Huàzhōu
Huixian County-level City Henan 辉县 Huīxiàn
Hulin County-level City Heilongjiang 虎林 Hǔlín
Hunchun County-level City Jilin 珲春 Húnchūn
Huozhou County-level City Shanxi 霍州 Huòzhōu
Huyanghe Sub-prefecture-level City Xinjiang 胡杨河 Húyánghé

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