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Places in China Starting With D

Places in China Starting With D

by Matt Slater

View our list of places in China starting with the letter D.

Main Cities

These are Chinese cities which are classified at prefecture-level or above.

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin More Details
Dalian Sub-provincial City Liaoning 大连 Dàlián View
Dandong Prefecture-level City Liaoning 丹东 Dāndōng View
Danzhou Prefecture-level City Hainan 儋州 Dānzhōu View
Daqing Prefecture-level City Heilongjiang 大庆 Dàqìng View
Datong Prefecture-level City Shanxi 大同 Dàtóng View
Dazhou Prefecture-level City Sichuan 达州 Dázhōu View
Deyang Prefecture-level City Sichuan 德阳 Déyáng View
Dezhou Prefecture-level City Shandong 德州 Dézhōu View
Dingxi Prefecture-level City Gansu 定西 Dìngxī View
Dongguan Prefecture-level City Guangdong 东莞 Dōngguǎn View
Dongying Prefecture-level City Shandong 东营 Dōngyíng View

Other Places

Including county-level cities and other administrative divisions such as prefectures and leagues.
(Please note this list is not exhaustive.)

Name Type Province Name in Chinese Name in Pinyin
Da'an County-level City Jilin 大安 Dà'ān
Dali Autonomous Prefecture Yunnan 大理 Dàlǐ
Dali County-level City Yunnan 大理 Dàlǐ
Dangyang County-level City Hubei 当阳 Dāngyáng
Danjiangkou County-level City Hubei 丹江口 Dānjiāngkǒu
Danyang County-level City Jiangsu 丹阳 Dānyáng
Dashiqiao County-level City Liaoning 大石桥 Dàshíqiáo
Daxing'anling Prefecture Heilongjiang 大兴安岭 Dàxīng'ānlǐng
Daye County-level City Hubei 大冶 Dàyě
Dehong Autonomous Prefecture Yunnan 德宏 Déhóng
Dehui County-level City Jilin 德惠 Déhuì
Delingha County-level City Qinghai 德令哈 Délìnghā
Dengfeng County-level City Henan 登封 Dēngfēng
Dengta County-level City Liaoning 灯塔 Dēngtǎ
Dengzhou Sub-prefecture-level City Henan 邓州 Dèngzhōu
Dexing County-level City Jiangxi 德兴 Déxīng
Diaobingshan County-level City Liaoning 调兵山 Diàobīngshān
Dingzhou Sub-prefecture-level City Hebei 定州 Dìngzhōu
Diqing Autonomous Prefecture Yunnan 迪庆 Díqìng
Dongfang Sub-prefecture-level City Hainan 东方 Dōngfāng
Donggang County-level City Liaoning 东港 Dōnggǎng
Dongning County-level City Heilongjiang 东宁 Dōngníng
Dongtai County-level City Jiangsu 东台 Dōngtái
Dongxing County-level City Guangxi 东兴 Dōngxīng
Dongyang County-level City Zhejiang 东阳 Dōngyáng
Dujiangyan County-level City Sichuan 都江堰 Dūjiāngyàn
Dunhua County-level City Jilin 敦化 Dūnhuà
Dunhuang County-level City Gansu 敦煌 Dūnhuáng
Duyun County-level City Guizhou 都匀 Dūyún

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