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The Timberland China Supplier List

by Matt Slater November 20, 2016

The Timberland China Supplier List

Did you know there are over 150 companies on the Timberland China Supplier list?

The outdoor specialists, renowned for their high quality footwear, use manufacturers across China and Taiwan for their products, and you can find out which ones here.

Why Timberland Discloses Their China Supplier List

Timberland Trademark
American outdoor-wear and footwear retailer Timberland has been disclosing their China Supplier list on a quarterly basis since 2008.

They are one of many famous brands disclosing their supplier lists as part of a move towards greater transparency of their business operations.

As well as listing their current suppliers, which we have summarized for you in the table below, a complete archive of suppliers can also be found on their website.

Timberland China Supplier List

Country/Region Supplier Name Address City
China Chaozhou Kai Tai (Kui Hu) Optical Mfg. Kui Hu Chaozhou
China Cheng Yi Optical (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. No. 150, South LongShan Road, SiMing District XiaMen
China Contour Optik (JiangXi) Co Ltd No 9 HaoMing Road, YuJiang (WenZhou) Glasses Industrial Park, YuJiang County YingTan City
China Cosmo Textile Co Ltd (Zhong Shan) #17 -21 Buildings of LongZhu Village Industrial Park, LongZhu Av, NanLang Industrial Zone Zhong Shan City
China DeZhou YuanJi Textile Co. Ltd. No.16 ShunHe West Rd. DeZhou
China Dongguan AnXing Fashion Factory Bai Sha Guan Li Qu, Bai Sha Guan Li Qu Dongguan
China DongGuan BangRong Footwear Co Ltd NO. 9, Xihuan Rd, San-Tun Village, Houjie Town Dongguan
China DongGuan Botex Daily Products Mfg. Ltd. No. 168, Rongzai Road, Gaoying Industrial, Dalang Town Dongguan
China DongGuan ChangAn XiaoBian XingPeng Footwear Factory Xiao Bian Mangement Dsitrict 4, ChangAn Town Dongguan
China DongGuan ChangAn XinJia Shoes Material Co Ltd No 3, ShaTou XiFang, First Industrial Zone, ChangAn Town Dongguan
China Dongguan Changping Gangzi Xing Ye Knitting & Clothing Co Ltd Da Bu Industrial Area, Gang Zi Village, Chang Ping Town Dongguan
China Dongguan City Jucheng Shoes Co Ltd Huweizhou Industrial Zone, Xiaohe Development Zone, Daojiao Town Dongguan
China Dongguan DaSen Shoe Material Co. Ltd. Development Zone, ChiLing Village, HouJie Town Dongguan
China Dongguan Eco Polymer Company Limited Qiaolin Road, 4th Industrial Area, Qiaotou Village, HouJie Town, Guangdong Province Dongguan
China Dongguan HengHui Optical Co Ltd Prowin Commercial Center, No. 302, Zhen Xing Avenue, XieGang Town Dongguan
China DongGuan HengSheng Optical Manufactory Ltd- new location No. 43, Xin Feng Road, Xin Min Management Zone, ChangAn Town GD, DongGuan
China DongGuan HongShiShan Textile Co Ltd BaoTan Village Industrial Area, HengShanXia, ShiPai Town Dongguan
China Dongguan Huangjiang WanTai Footwear Material Factory Yu Yuan Industrial Park, Area of Ho Lu, Huang Jiang Town Dongguan
China Dongguan JiaYuan Rubber Factory YuYuan Industrial Zone, GaoBu Town DongGuan
China DongGuan JinJia Leather Products Mfg. Co Ltd Xia Po Road, Bian Kang West Road, Xia Bian Village, HouJie Town Dongguan
China Dongguan JunYi Cap Manufacturing Co Ltd #190 KeJi Dong Road, ZhenDong Industrial Building, LiuWu LuDuan, ZhenWenxi Road, Shijie Town Dongguan City
China Dongguan Kunhui Color Printing Shui Nan Ming Zhu Industrial Estate, No. 312, Ming Zhu Zhong Road, Shijie Town Dongguan
China DongGuan Lee Fong Label Manufacture No. 2 of Eight Road, Second Zone of Third Industrial Zone, SangYuan Management Area, DongCheng Dist. Dongguan
China Dongguan Nancheng Guoxiang Printing No.18, Fu Dong Road, Yuan Wu Bian, Nan Cheng Dongguan
China Dongguan Nengyi Hardware Plastic Co Ltd Taikang Road, 3rd Industrial District, Baihao, Houje Town Dongguan
China Dongguan Pactiv Packaging Co. Ltd. Chaolang Village, Chashan Industrial Zone, Chashan Town Dongguan
China Dongguan Shatin Lakeside Textiles Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd. Environmental Industrial Estate, ShaTian Town Dongguan
China Dongguan SuHe Precise Plastic & Hardware HongFu Rd, ShaJiao Community, HuMen Town Dongguan
China Dongguan Superior Leather Products Ltd No. 21, Xing Fa Road, No. 4 Wusha Industrial Zone, ChangAn Town, Dongguan
China Dongguan Sze Cheik Leather Goods Co. No. 29, Haibin Road, He Nan Industrial District, Jin Xia Dongguan
China DongGuan TaoHuaYuan Clothing Adornment Co Ltd 2nd Floor D4 Building, YanTian NanShan Industrial Zone, FengGang Town Dongguan
China Dongguan WenLi Garment Factory Da Tang Industrial Park, Pai Lou Ji Community, Wan Jiang District Dongguan
China Dongguan XingAng Shoes Co Ltd Hou Da Road, Da Ling Village, Da Ling Shan Town Dong Guan
China Dongguan Xing Teng Footwear Materials Stella District, Da Ling Village, Da Ling Shan Town Dongguan
China Dongguan Yixin Shoe Materials Co. Ltd. No 333, ShuiChang Road, XiNiuPu Village, DaLang Town Dongguan
China Dongguan Youshen Shoe Materials No. 10, Xintang Road, Wulian Village, Fenggang Town Dongguan
China DongGuan YuSheng Footwear Company Ltd No 1, Yuyuan Yi Road, YuYuan Industrial Park, Huangjiang Town Dongguan
China Dongguan Yuxiang Shoes Material Co Ltd No 3, Yuyuan Er Road, Yue Yuen Industrial Park, Huangjiang Town Dongguan
China Dongguan Zerong Bag No. 382, Jin Xing Road, XiXi Industrial Area, Liaobu Dongguan
China Foshan Geng Mei Garment Laundry & Dyeing Co., Ltd Sang Yau Industrial Complex, Chang Xin, Industrial, No. 5 Jin An Road, Junan Town, Shunde District Foshan
China Foshan NanHai QingSong Leatherware Co Ltd # 7 YanJiang road, XiaBai Industrial Area, LuoCun, NanHai District Foshan
China Fujian Sunshine Footwear Co. Ltd. Yang Guang Road South, Shuang Yang Town, Loujiang District Quanzhou
China Fuzhou Minhou Landun Plastics XinLian Industrial Zone, Shangjie Town Minhou County Fuzhou
China Gang Long Glasses Products (Shenzhen) Co Ltd No. 52 Tongxin Middle Road, Pingdi, Longgang District Shenzhen
China Genfort Shoes of Zhongshan Second Industrial Zone, Nan Lang Town Zhongshan
China Golden Mountain Textile Products (Kunshan) No. 41, Feng Xing Rd., HuaQiao Town, KunShan (Shi) Suzhou
China Guangzhou BaoShen Paper & Plastic Product No 68 Xiaotang South Road, Jianggao Town, Baiyun District Guangzhou
China Guangdong Esquel Textiles Cang Jiang Exports Processing Zone, Gaoming District Foshan
China Guangxi Seville Footwear Company Ltd. RongXian Ecomomic Development District YuLin
China GuangXi XingLai Footwear Co Ltd Concentrating Area of Shi Li Industry, Lingshan County Qin Zhou City
China Guangzhou Dongli Sports Goods No. A8, YingSha Industrial Zone, YingSha, XinTang Zengcheng Guangzhou City
China GuangDong Esquel Textiles Co Ltd YangMei Garment Factory Yangmei Town, Industrial Development Zone, Gaoming District FoShan
China Guangzhou Wan Wei Rubber Co. Ltd. 71, Wandar Road, Ji Tang Industry District, Da Sha, Huang Pu Guangzhou
China Haining Yilida Knitting Co. Ltd. #300 Xiazhong Road, Hosiery Park, Haining Economic Development Zone Haining
China Hangzhou Feiteng Knitting & Textile Mfg. Shezu Village Industrial Zone, E Shan, Tonglu County Hangzhou
China Hangzhou U-Jump Art & Crafts Co Ltd Chong Xian Village, Chong Xian Town, Yu Hang District Hangzhou
China Hangzhou Yutu Knitting Textile Co. Inc. No. 318, LongFu road, HengCun Town, TongLu County Hangzhou
China Henan Prosper Skins & Leather Enterprise Co Ltd No. 5, West Industrial Zone, Xi Guo Town Meng Zhou
China HeShan TengTai Leather Co Ltd No. 3 Industrial Zone, Hecheng Town, Heshan (Shi) Jiangmen City
China Huai An Yuan Tong Headwear Mfg. No.1, Yan Huang Ave., Lian Shui New Industrial Zone Lian Shui
China HuaQing Glasses (Shenzhen) Company Ltd. No. 10, Shijia Rd, Biling Community, Pingshan New District ShenZhen
China Hubei Sunsmile Footwear Co. Ltd. No. 1, Shenzhen Ave., ShenZhen Industrial Zone, XiangYang Economy Technology Development Zone XiangYang
China Huizhou LongYu Precision Mold Co. Ltd. Guangshan Road, Longxi Town, Boluo County Huizhou
China Jiang Su Asian Sourcing Headware Manufacturing Co. Ltd No. 2, South Guangzhou Road, Huai An
China Jiangmen YiXing Tanning Co Ltd No. 93 Tian He Xi Road, Baisha JiangMen
China Jiangsu Suntex Garments Ltd. No. 85, Times Road, Luhe Economic Development Zone Nanjing
China Jiangyin TianYun Knitting & Textile Garment No. 8, Huachang Road, Industrial Area Wenlin, Zhutang
China JiangYin XinQuanSheng Textile Dyeing & Printing Co Ltd No 2 HuangSiXiang Road, Industrial Zone, YunTing Town, Jiangyin Jiangsu
China Jiangyin YuLong Wool Textiles Co. Ltd. No. 8-1, East BaiShe Road, ZhouZhuang Town JiangYin
China Jiashan Tianma Gloves No. 658, Jinxiu Blvd., Yao Zhuang Town, Jiashan County Jiaxing
China Jiaxing LiChao Chemical Fiber Co. No.1229 of YunHe Road, XiuZhou District, Jiaxing Zhejiang
China JiaXing Matsuoka Bleaching & Dyeing Co., Ltd. Xincang Industrial Area, Pinghu Jiaxing
China JiaXing XingFa Luggage & Bag Co., Ltd. No. 99, XingGuang Part of GuangXin Line, XingGuang Village, XinDai Town, PingHu (shi) JiaXing
China Jiaxing XingHe Luggage Bag Co. Ltd. No. 568, Heang Road, Pinghu Economic & Development Area Jiaxing City
China JinJiang XingHui Leather Co. Ltd. Hongshan Industrial Zone, Qingyang Town JinJiang
China Jinjiang Xiangjiang Leather Co. Ltd. Kemu Industrial Area, AnHai Town Jinjiang
China LiDa Textile (Zhuhai) Ltd. No. 5, HaiYe Road, HaiCheng Industrial Zone, SanZao Town, JinWan District Zhuhai City
China Ningbo LangDi Textile Co. Ltd. No.116, GongMao Road, GuAn Village, GaoQiao Town, YinZhou District NingBo City
China PingHu ChangHong Luggages & Bags Manufacturing Co., Ltd No. 88 XingPing 4th Road, Pinghu Economic Development Zone JiaXing City
China PingHu SiTong Luggage & Bag Co Ltd No.2588 Xinggong Road, Pinghu Economic Development Area Pinghu City
China PingHu YouLi Luggages and Bags Co., Ltd. No. 2338 Xinggong Road, Pinghu Economic Dev. Zone PingHu (shi), JiaXing City
China Qingdao Youngone Sportswear Co. Ltd. #97, No.1 LaoShan Road, JiMo, JiMo Economic Development Zone QingDao
China Ronghua Garment (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. No. 4, Yue Peng Road, ShiYan YingRenShi BaoAn Light Industrial Zone, BaoAn Shenzhen
China Shanghai JieLun Luggage No. 115 of XinYe Road, YeXie Town, SongJiang District Shanghai
China Shanghai QinFa Fashion Co. Ltd. No. 102-2 Jinyu Road Shanghai
China ShanXi HuaJin Textile Printing & Dyeing No. 1688 HuaJin Street, LinYi County Linyi
China Shaoxing High Sun Apparel & Textiles Co. Ltd. No. 69 of Middle YuYue Road, PaoJiang Industrial Zone Shaoxing
China Shenzhen City Qun Mei Optical Technology Co. Ltd. 1-3/F, Warehouse C. No. 3 Technology Road, Big Industrial Park, PingShan District Shenzhen
China Shenzhen WeiYi Fashion Gift Co. Ltd. 3/F, Building No. 1, FaMao Electrical Appliances Co., LongCheng Industrial District, LongGuan West Road Shenzhen
China Shenzhen YiMingDa Exactitude Floor 1, No.2 Building, Yahua Company Site, No.3 Industrial Zone, Ci Tian Pu Community, GongMing Town, BaoAn Area ShenZhen
China Shenzhen Yueneng Pengfa Technology Ltd. 2/F Block B, No. 61 An Xing Lu, Da Kang Shen Tang, HengGang, LongGang Shenzhen
China Sunwha Kiang Optical Mfy (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. No. 35 ShiJiaoTou Road, GuanCheng District, No. 2 Industrial Zone, GuanLan, BaoAn Shenzhen
China Taian Jinhui Apparels Co Ltd JingJiaWa Village, ZhuYang Town, DaiYue District TaiAn
China Texcom Garments (Xiamen) Co Ltd No. 996, Jin Yuan 2nd West Rd., Jimei District Xiamen
China Tyche Leather Industrial Co., Ltd. No 28, YouDian Road, Industrial Area Wenzhou City
China WeiDaLi Printing (Shenzhen) Ltd No. 9 Chang Huwei Industrial Park, Tongde Road, Tongle District, Longgang Street Shenzhen
China WenZhou SanShan Optics Co., Ltd No. 108, WenFeng Road, Agriculture Development Zone Wenzhou City
China Xin Chang Hua Weaving (ShenZhen) Co Ltd No 5B,Chengguang Industry Zone, Kukeng, Guanlan Town, Baoan Area Shenzhen
China XingAng Leather Manufacturing (HuiZhou) Co Ltd Xinhu Industry Developing Area, Maan town, Huichen District Hui Zhou
China Yangzhou DeNuoHong Garment Co. Ltd. Industrial Park, Yiling Town, Jiangdu District Yangzhou
China Xiamen Mingho Brothers No. 505 XinMin Avenue, XiTang Village Xiamen
China Yixing Jiuzhou Daily Commodities Co. Ltd. Fengnan Road, Yifeng Village XuShe Town Yixing
China Zhangjiagang Bright Show Headgear No. 360 SiYang Road, YangShe Town Zhangjiagang City
China ZhangJiaGang JiuYing Knitting Garment/Rutec East BeiJing Road, DeJi Town, ZhangJiaGang
China ZhaoQing XuZhan Leather Co. Ltd. JiangJi Dong, BingHeng Town, GuangNing County ZhaoQing
China Zhejiang Hengfeng Top Leisure Co. Ltd. No. 860 Beihu Street, WuKang Town, DeQing County HuZhou City,
China Zhejiang Tongda Optical Co. Ltd. No 5 Dawei Road, Xinqiao, Ouhai Wenzhou
China ZhongShan AoBi Garment Mfg. Ltd. Gao Ping Industrial Area, San Jiao Zhongshan
China Zhongshan Baosheng Footwear BaiShi Industrial District, SanXiang Town Zhongshan
China Zhongshan Hong Dian Shoe Material 2nd Industrial Zone, Nan Lang Town ZhongShan
China Zhongshan Jibin Plastic No. 23, Majiao Road, Qian Long Industrial Zone, Sangxiang Town ZhongShan
China Zhongshan JieWei Shoes Industry Co Ltd DongYa Industrial Park, Guantang Village, Nanlang Town Zhongshan
China Zhong Shan Jing Mei Foowear No. 2, Shi Ji Yi Road, Torch Development Area ZhongShan
China Zhongshan Nanlang Zefeng Knitwear Co. Ltd. Cuiheng Industrial District, Nanlang Town Zhongshan
China ZhongShan Xin Chang Shoes Co Ltd Glory Avenue No. 2 Industrial District, Tanzhou ZhongShan
China ZhongShan XinZhan Shoes Factory First Industrial Estate, San Xiang Town Zhongshan
China Zhongshan Xiongbing Rubber Co. No. 40 of JiaHua Road, QianLong Industrial Park ZhongShan
China Zhuhai HuaMao Leather Products Co Ltd Fushan Industrial Park, Xia Village, Qianwu Town, Doumen District Zhuhai City
China Zhuhai Shi Tai Footwear Co. Ltd. GuangDong Youth Science & Technology Park, United- Harbour Industrial Zone, Jin Wan District Zhuhai
China ZhuHai XuTai Footwear Co Ltd QianShan XinZhu Road Branch Company 7/F, No. 1010, New Pearl Road, Qianshan Zhuhai
China ZhuHai YuYuan Industrial Co., Ltd. No 2001, Ming Zhu South Rd, Cui Jing Industrial District, Qian Shan Zhuhai
China ZhuHai ZeTao Adhesive Products Co. Ltd. Dong Rong Road West, Chemical Industry Specialized Area, Harbor Industrial Zone Zhuhai
Taiwan Always Champion Enterprise Co Ltd No. 15, KaiFa 6 Rd., Rende Dist., Tainan City, Pao An Village, Jen Te Dist. Tainan Hsien
Taiwan Chia Her Industrial Co Ltd GuanTian Branch Area B, No.11 Gongye Rd., ErZhen Village, GuanTian District, TaiNan
Taiwan Chyang Sheng Dyeing & Finishing 126, Ta-Kung RD., Ta-Yung, Taoyuan Taoyuan
Taiwan Footland, Inc. No. 121, Qingxing Road, Choaoxing Village, Shetou Township Changhua County
Taiwan Formosa Taffeta No. 317, Shu Liu Road Tou Liu
Taiwan Fulltide Enterprise Co., Ltd. No 8-14, Ta Pu, Wu Chuan Vill, TA Yuan Hsian, Tao Yuan Hsien, Dayuan Township Tao Yuan Hsien
Taiwan Goang Ni Enterprise Co. Ltd. 1 Fl., No. 71-12, Chyong Lin S. Rd., Xinzhuang Dist. New Taipei City
Taiwan Honmyue Enterprise Co. Ltd Shengang Factory No.60, Kung Hsi 1 Rd., Hsi Ti Village, Shen Kang Chiang Chang Hwa Hsien
Taiwan Ja Enrich Industry Co. Ltd. Zhunan Factory No. 118, Ln. 181, Sec. 1, Yongzhen Road, Zhunan Township Miaoli
Taiwan Jen Sen Enterprise Co. Ltd. No. 7, Lane, 155, Shing He Road, DaDu Township Taichung
Taiwan Lien Shun Leather Co. Ltd 2nd branch No. 48 Min Chen Street, Da Liao District Kaohsiung City
Taiwan Pony Leather Corporation No.191, Sec. 3, Zhongshan Rd, Yongjing Township, Changhua County ChangHua
Taiwan Red Ant International Co., Ltd. No. 503, Sec. 1, Shedou Rd, Shetou Township Changhua County
Taiwan San Fang Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. 402 FengJen Rd. Jenwu District Kaohsiung City
Taiwan Shinkong Textile Ltd. Taoyuan Factory No. 21-1 Songshu, Renshan Village, Dasi Township Taoyuan
Taiwan Shiuh-Huei Knitting Co. Ltd No.829, Sec. 2, Kuaisu Rd, Pingzhen City Taoyuan County
Taiwan Singtex Industrial Stock Co Ltd Guanyin Factory 15-1, Ronggong S. Road, Guanyin Township Taoyuan County
Taiwan Sixup Enterprise Co Ltd GuiShan Branch No. 383 Chen Hsing Road, Gui Shan Shiang TaoYuan
Taiwan Taily Dyeing & Finishing Co Ltd WuGu Branch No 16, Sec 2, LingYun Rd. Wugu District New Taipei City
Taiwan TehChang Leather Products Co,. Ltd. (Taiwan) No. 121, Min Sheng Rd, TaoYuan County
Taiwan Tiong Liong Industrial Co., Ltd No.8, Lane 128, Sec. 1, Chung Ching Road, Ta-Ya District Taichung
Taiwan Tyche Leather Ind. Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) 10-3 Matou Kou Matou, Tainan Tianan Hisen
Taiwan U-Join Company Limited No. 19, Line 244, Sec. 2, YuanJi Road, YuanLin ChangHua
Taiwan Wei Lee Knitting Mfg. Co. Ltd. No. 100, Hengche Road, Pei Miao Li, MiaoLi City
Taiwan Yung Chuan Enterprises No. 9, Lane 117, Sec 2, AnHe Rd., XinDian Dist New Taipei City
Taiwan Yung Da Industrial Co. Ltd. No. 50, Guang Fe E. Rd., Fong Lung Village, Pi Tou Town Changhua

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