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Chinese Currency

Which Chinese Currency are in Circulation?

by Matt Slater 03 September 2018

If you're travelling to meet or dealing with a Chinese company it is worth bearing in mind that there are several different types of Chinese currency.

Depending on whether your business is in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan you could well need to be looking at 4 different exchange rates. 

Here we introduce each of the 4 Chinese currency currently in use in "Greater China" - the Renminbi, Hong Kong Dollar, Macau Pataca & New Taiwan Dollar.

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China Metro Systems

The 10 Biggest China Metro Systems

by Matt Slater 17 January 2018

During the last decade there has been incredible growth in China metro systems, with cities across the country investing huge sums on improving their transit infrastructure.

This remarkable transformation has resulted in China now having 7 of the world's 12 largest metro systems, with many more under development.

Read this article to discover the biggest China metro systems and learn about the development of this industry.

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China Districts

China Districts - Main Roads, Stations, Airports

by Matt Slater 22 December 2017

This useful resource identifies some key China districts and provides details of their important roads and transport infrastructure.

With China having some of the world's biggest cities it can be important to know in which city district an office, hotel, factory, road or train station is located.

Some China districts have populations the size of whole nations. For example, more people live in Shanghai's Pudong district than live in the Republic of Ireland!

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China Train Stations

The 20 Largest China Train Stations

by Matt Slater 05 December 2017

In recent years a myriad of China train stations have been built to complement the development of China's new high speed rail network.

Whilst much of the focus goes on the new lines opened and their train speeds, it is often overlooked that a huge number of stations have been constructed and refurbished, from single line commuter stations to cavernous city terminals.

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Asia Business Airports

6 Asia Business Airports That Get You Nearer Downtown

by Matt Slater 24 October 2017

Read how business travelers are saving time by using Asia business airports to get them closer to downtown.

New airports are usually far from downtown making them difficult to reach during rush hour.

Happily, the rise of Asia business airports is offering new alternatives.

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Chinese Airport Alternatives

8 Chinese Airport Alternatives That Could Save You Time

by Matt Slater 29 September 2016

Carefully planning which Chinese airport to fly to or from can have a huge impact on how smoothly your business trip to China goes.

Having travelled extensively throughout China for work, I am always looking for ways to decrease the amount of time spent on highways and flying to a closer airport is one great way to do this.

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Business Travel China

Business Travel China: What are Your Options?

by Matt Slater 15 November 2013

For anyone doing business with a Chinese company, the likelihood is that at some point you are going to need to visit China. With that in mind we have prepared this simple Business Travel China guide to help you understand your options.

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Cost of Sending Someone to China

What’s the Cost of Sending Someone to China to Check Out a Chinese Company?

by Matt Slater 04 November 2013

When you’re sourcing from China or doing business with a Chinese company, one thing you’re going to need to consider is the cost of sending someone to China. This is likely to be an essential step in any business deal with a Chinese company, especially when you’re having something manufactured by a factory in China.

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