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China Customs Enterprise Classification System

What is the China Customs Enterprise Classification System?

by Matt Slater 12 September 2018

China Customs Enterprise Classification is a system used by China Customs to grade companies which engage in foreign trade.

Following a long implementation phase, a new classification system was confirmed in May 2018. It had been updated primarily to reflect China's broader implementation of a nationwide social credit system in recent years..

Under the new China Customs Enterprise Classification system, companies are no longer ranked AA, A, B, C or D - there are now 4 different categories which are introduced in this article.

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China Risk Management

7 China Risk Management Techniques to Protect Your Supply Chain

by Will Tang 13 February 2018

For multinational companies operating in China risk management is a subject never too far from the boardroom table.

Many foreign companies have come unstuck assuming that the checks and balances they have in place in their own country will work equally well in China.

This is usually not the case, so we asked China risk management expert Will Tang to share some of his best techniques for protecting your supply chain.

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China Factory Audit Mistakes

7 China Factory Audit Mistakes That Make You Look Inexperienced

by Matt Slater 25 February 2014

Carrying out a China factory audit is an essential part of sourcing safely from China, but it can be easy to waste the opportunities they offer by making some common blunders.

A factory visit, audit or inspection is your chance as a buyer to gain much deeper insight into a potential supplier, so it’s important not to waste it.

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Aston Martin’s China Supply Chain

What Went Wrong in Aston Martin’s China Supply Chain?

by Matt Slater 13 February 2014

The Aston Martin China supply chain scandal has already done several rounds in the media.

To many observers, it seems quite incredible that this happened to such a well-respected brand and manufacturer. 

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