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China Trade Fairs

7 China Trade Fairs for Sourcing Products

by Matt Slater 22 November 2017

Sourcing from China involves making a lot of decisions, and one of the best choices you can make is to visit one of the huge China trade fairs.

Visiting a trade show helps you to meet a wide range of suppliers, discuss requirements face-to-face and build the beginnings of a succesful business relationship.

China has an incredible number of exhibitions and they vary in size and scope tremendously. Choosing one of these China trade fairs will help to make the most of your time and expense.

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China Sourcing Websites

The Top 20 China Sourcing Websites

by Matt Slater 13 September 2017

For so many people looking for products from China, their sourcing journey both starts with, and finishes with, Alibaba, but there are actually plenty of very good alternatives.

We want our readers to get the very best outcomes when sourcing in China, so here is China Checkup's list of the Top 20 China Sourcing Websites

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Find and Assess China Manufacturers

How to Find and Assess China Manufacturers

by Matt Slater 09 December 2016

Finding and assessing a China manufacturer is a necessary process for more and more companies, as increasing numbers of businesses choose to source products in China.

This research process can pose difficulties for companies so here we look at common methods for finding manufacturers in China and gathering a short-list of potential suppliers.

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Source From China Without Putting Your Money at Risk

How to Source From China Without Putting Your Money at Risk

by Matt Slater 25 February 2014

If you’re looking to source from China, one of the first things on your mind will be the risk involved. Sourcing from any location carries some risk of the deal going bad and money being lost, but this risk can be especially high in China.

The good news is that there are many well-established ways to reduce your risk when sourcing products from China.

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Alibaba Alternatives

Alibaba Alternatives

by Matt Slater 10 November 2013

At an estimated 810,000 paid suppliers way back in 2010, Alibaba is by far the largest online B2B sourcing portal.

That doesn’t mean it has no competitors though - there are certainly many Alibaba alternatives out there. We identify some of the best options here.

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