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Top 5 Cities for China to Europe Freight Trains

Top 5 Cities for China to Europe Freight Trains

by Matt Slater 07 May 2019

With the high cost of sending freight by air, and the slow speed of sea freight, Chinese exporters are increasingly utilizing China to Europe freight trains as a means of sending their produce west.

As might be expected, the majority of these trains depart from cities located far from China's coastline and her seaports, but which Chinese cities have the most rail shipments?

We took a look at the data and found that the top 5 cities for China to Europe freight trains are each provincial capitals with huge populations - with Chengdu in Sichuan province leading the way. 

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List of Countries with Freight Trains from China

List of Countries with Freight Trains from China

by Matt Slater 25 February 2019

In recent years freight trains from China have been capturing newspaper headlines by arriving in more and more countries.

Perhaps there is no more striking example of this then when the first China to Spain cargo train returned to Yiwu having covered a world record 16,156-mile round trip in 2015.

Read this article to learn about China's push for international rail cargo and find our which countries have already received freight trains from China.

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China Customs Enterprise Classification System

What is the China Customs Enterprise Classification System?

by Matt Slater 12 September 2018

China Customs Enterprise Classification is a system used by China Customs to grade companies which engage in foreign trade.

Following a long implementation phase, a new classification system was confirmed in May 2018. It had been updated primarily to reflect China's broader implementation of a nationwide social credit system in recent years..

Under the new China Customs Enterprise Classification system, companies are no longer ranked AA, A, B, C or D - there are now 4 different categories which are introduced in this article.

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Chinese Bill of Lading - House & Master

Chinese Bill of Lading - House & Master

by Matt Slater 20 September 2017

Usually when you receive a Chinese bill of lading it will look pretty familiar, it is prepared in English and you will likely be familiar with the name of the carrier.

If you don't recognize the carrier's name you need to understand if the document is a "Master" or a "House" bill of lading.

This article explains the circumstances in which the Chinese bill of lading you receive might be a "House" bill of lading, and what precautions you should take.

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China Shipping Ports

The 8 Busiest China Shipping Ports

by Matt Slater 22 December 2016

With so many products being made in China it comes as no surprise that China shipping ports are among the busiest in the world.

We've looked up the figures, and in this article present the 8 China shipping ports which handle the most shipping containers.

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China Customs Registration Certificate

China Customs Registration Certificate - An Introduction

by Matt Slater 25 February 2016

When doing business with a Chinese company you will often be supplied with a China Customs Registration Certificate.

This article provides some background information on this certificate and gives an explanation of its relationship with the Foreign Trade Registration Certificate.

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China Clearance Documents

What are China Clearance Documents?

by Matt Slater 10 November 2015

China clearance documents are the standard paperwork you will need to prepare when importing products from a Chinese company.

When you order products from China you will want to make sure they arrive on time and without any unexpected delays - both at the departure port in China and at the arrival port in your country.

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China Bill of Lading

China Bill of Lading - An Introduction

by Matt Slater 28 November 2014

If you are planning on doing business in China, including importing or exporting merchandise, you will at some point almost certainly come across a China Bill of Lading document.
This is an official legal document used to ensure that all merchandise exported out of the country is correctly delivered.

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Import from China - First Understand Incoterms

Import from China - First Understand Incoterms

by Matt Slater 11 December 2013

If you’re planning to import from China, then you’re almost certainly going to be dealing with incoterms.

Being familiar with incoterms and the various three-letter acronyms they involve is essential for negotiating a good deal with a Chinese supplier and understanding the risks you face.

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