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China ISO 45001 Certificate - An Introduction

China ISO 45001 Certificate - An Introduction

by Matt Slater 14 June 2019

Have you received a China ISO 45001 certificate and wondered what it is, if it is real and how to check it?

Replacing the previous standard OHSAS 18001 in 2018, this new international standard specifies the requirements for occupational health and safety.

The uptake of certification to this standard in China has been quick and many Chinese organizations are providing their clients with copies of their China ISO 45001 certificate. Learn more about it here.

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Chinese Lab Accreditation

Which Bodies Manage Chinese Lab Accreditation?

by Matt Slater 11 December 2018

Chinese lab accreditation is managed by different accreditation bodies depending on whether the laboratory is located in Mainland China, Hong Kong or Taiwan.

When you are importing products from China, requesting test reports to demonstrate that the product meets necessary standards can often be critical, and it is important for compliance purposes that these test reports are issued by accredited labs.

In this article we introduce the different bodies responsible for managing Chinese lab accreditation and show you where you can search for a Chinese lab.

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China ISO/TS 16949 Certificate

China ISO/TS 16949 Certificate - An Introduction

by Matt Slater 13 August 2016

For Chinese automotive suppliers, holding a China ISO/TS 16949 certificate is usually a prerequisite for making overseas sales, at least when working with leading automobile manufacturers.

The industry places much emphasis on possessing the certificate, which is issued when a company’s quality management system is deemed to meet requirements of the ISO/TS 16949:2009 standard.

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China ISO 14001 Certificate

China ISO 14001 Certificate - An Introduction

by Matt Slater 04 August 2016

In certain industries with tight environmental demands, possessing a China ISO 14001 certificate may be an essential requirement for Chinese companies.

Holding this certificate indicates that the company’s environmental management system has been certified to the ISO 14001 standard.

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China ISO 9001 Certificate

China ISO 9001 Certificate - An Introduction

by Matt Slater 12 July 2016

The China ISO 9001 certificate is a commonly received document when dealing with Chinese companies, which if verified, indicates that the organisation’s quality management system has been certified.

With more certifications in China than any other country, these certificates are far from rare, but regrettably we have found that there are many expired, adjusted, or simply fake certificates out there.

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China Quality Auditor

A Day in the Life of a China Quality Auditor

by Matt Slater 01 June 2016

When he is not busy contributing content and developing verification services for this website, China Checkup founder Matt Slater also keeps busy by working as a China Quality Auditor.

In this article he shares some of his experience from 8 years of auditing in China and outlines a typical day in the life of a China quality auditor, from making sure you go to the right factory to handing out nonconformities in a constructive manner!

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China Certification Marks

60 Top China Certification Marks and Logos

by Matt Slater 03 November 2015

You may have noticed that these days Chinese products are increasingly being shipped overseas with China certification marks displayed on their packaging or documentation.

China is rapidly developing their certification industry and Chinese companies are also becoming more and more confident about utilizing certificates obtained from domestic certification bodies and displaying their logos on marketing materials.

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Chinese ISO Certification Bodies

20 Reliable Chinese ISO Certification Bodies

by Matt Slater 21 October 2015

When evaluating Chinese ISO certificates it is important to consider which certification body issued the document.

It is a requirement in Mainland China that Chinese ISO certification bodies are accredited by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service), but with the rise of China and the development of its quality assurance market, more and more Chinese certification bodies are seeking international recognition too.

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ISO China Certificates

Which ISO China Certificates Can You Trust?

by Matt Slater 20 October 2015

For foreign buyers seeking suppliers with extensive experience in ISO, China is not usually the first place they look.

Although China has the world’s largest number of certified ISO certificates, questions are often asked about both the validity and the value of these certificates.

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China ISO Certificate Search Website

Is There a China ISO Certificate Search Website?

by Matt Slater 28 May 2015

The 2015 ISO Survey identified that there were 303,957 ISO 9001 and 117,267 ISO 14001 valid certificates in China.

Although it is the numbers that jump off the page, possibly the most important word to take note of in the above sentence is "valid".

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Verify China Company

Verify China Company - 9 Useful Documents

by Matt Slater 26 May 2014

Before doing business in China it is important to make sure you are dealing with a legitimately registered business, but how exactly can you do that?

Travelling across the world to visit Chinese factories is a hugely time consuming and expensive process, so asking suppliers to provide, and then checking documentation is a better option.

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Scope of Certification on an ISO 9001 Certificate

The Smart Way to Use the Scope of Certification on an ISO 9001 Certificate

by Matt Slater 24 March 2014

A very useful feature of a Chinese company’s official registration record is the business scope. This describes in detail what products and services the company is legally permitted to offer.

Some people may not be aware, though, that an ISO 9001 certificate can contain similarly revealing information in its Scope of Certification.

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