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Check Chinese Certificates

5 Ways to Check Chinese Certificates are Legitimate

by Matt Slater 21 November 2018

Has your business ever needed to check Chinese certificates for fakes or forgeries? If so, you are not alone.

Regrettably, it is quite common for some unscrupulous Chinese companies to use fake or altered certificates, unfairly tarnishing the reputation of the majority of companies that do the right thing.

In this article we introduce 5 techniques you can use to check Chinese certificates are legitimate, so you can steer clear of the companies that hand out fakes.

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China Company English Names Can Be Misleading

5 Ways China Company English Names Can Be Misleading

by Matt Slater 19 September 2018

We often come across China company English names which we feel are misleading.

They are misleading for a number of reasons - some accidental, some deliberate, some cynical - but the root cause is that companies from Mainland China are registered in the Chinese language, not in English.

Here we give some background on China company English names and introduce the 5 ways in which we find they can be misleading.

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Chinese Scam Reporting Websites

List of Chinese Scam Reporting Websites

by Matt Slater 18 May 2016

If you have fallen victim to a Chinese scam it is often difficult to know who or where to turn to, and the help available can be quite limited.

Even if you find it impossible to get your money back, you can help warn other potential victims (and vent some steam) by reporting it on a fraud reporting website.

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Report a China Scam

How to Report a China Scam

by Matt Slater 06 July 2015

As we’re all too familiar with at China Checkup, the rise of “Made in China” has been accompanied by the rise of the China scam.

We are contacted on almost a daily basis by businesses that have fallen victim to a China scam, asking what they can do.

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Avoid an Aliexpress Scam

How to Avoid an Aliexpress Scam

by Matt Slater 08 May 2015

As Alibaba Group’s "Aliexpress" service continues to grow in popularity, unfortunately we are starting to hear more and more about the "Aliexpress Scam".

In case you haven’t heard, Aliexpress is essentially a Chinese version of eBay, just the sellers are all Chinese individuals and companies whilst the buyers are individuals overseas.

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Fake a Chinese Business License

3 Ways Suppliers Fake a Chinese Business License

by Matt Slater 07 January 2015

Through the process of carrying out company verifications China Checkup receives a wide variety of documentation from our clients. Such documents include invoices, contracts, taxation documents, ISO certificates and business cards; however the most commonly received and also the most frequently forged is the Chinese business license.

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Online Fraud in China

Online Fraud in China

by Matt Slater 31 October 2014

Recently we have been hearing of increasing concern among both companies and individuals about the risks of online fraud in China.

While there are many positive aspects of conducting business online, such as convenience and the lure of low prices, it is important to protect yourself by ensuring that your business partner in China is operating legitimately.

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Taobao Shop Fake Sales

Revealed - Taobao Shop Fake Sales Scam

by Matt Slater 11 July 2014

A recent unusual experience with a Taobao shop helped China Checkup’s staff lift the lid on the dodgy deliveries scam used to fake their sales data

Taobao is China’s leading online C2C shopping website (it is similar to eBay) and is operated by Alibaba Group. It is the domestic version of Alibaba’s Aliexpress platform.

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Alibaba Fraud Risk

Alibaba Fraud Risk Highlighted by Their Own Survey!

by Matt Slater 07 July 2014

This article was written by Pierre Furlan, an intern from Germany who assisted China Checkup during the summer of 2014.

Alibaba is the world’s largest small business B2B trading platform, but for many users using Alibaba fraud continues to be a huge concern.

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Chinese Companies Have To Deal With Scammers Too

Chinese Companies Have To Deal With Scammers Too

by Matt Slater 22 May 2014

Many people doing business with Chinese companies are aware of the danger of scams. Less people consider the possibility, however, that Chinese suppliers also face the danger of being scammed.

In this interesting forum post, one Chinese supplier takes the time to warn others in the community about the various tricks and schemes used by scammers who prey on Chinese companies doing foreign trade.

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Error Level Analysis

Using Error Level Analysis to Identify Fake Certificates

by Matt Slater 20 May 2014

When you’re given documentation and certificates by Chinese companies, the possibility of them having been faked using Photoshop may be on your mind. To truly ensure valid documentation, verification is required. But there is a quick check you can make yourself: error level analysis.

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Chinese Scam Website

Would You Spot These Warning Signs on a Chinese Scam Website?

by Matt Slater 06 May 2014

Nearly everyday we are asked to investigate a Chinese scam website, and we’ve noticed some common and easy-to-spot trends in the way they’re set up. We’ve made a list of such warning signs here, as they can often be useful first-glance indicators that something is amiss.

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