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A Complete List of Cities in China

A Complete List of Cities in China

by Matt Slater 11 December 2020

View this comprehensive list of cities in China from Ankang to Zunyi!

We have included all cities in China that are either at, or above, prefecture-level and they are listed both alphabetically and grouped by province.

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The 100 Largest China City Economies by GDP

The 100 Largest China City Economies by GDP

by Matt Slater 30 August 2019

Do you want to know which China city economies are the driving force behind Mainland China's huge and growing GDP figures?

As China's best-known cities, it came as no surprise that 2019 data popular in Chinese media identified Shanghai and Beijing as the cities with the largest GDP, but few will even have heard of Xinyang, which was ranked 100th.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China's national GDP reached a new high of CNY 90,031bn (USD 13,608) in 2018, but which other Chinese cities had the largest share of this GDP? Keep reading to find out.

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Top 5 Cities for China to Europe Freight Trains

Top 5 Cities for China to Europe Freight Trains

by Matt Slater 07 May 2019

With the high cost of sending freight by air, and the slow speed of sea freight, Chinese exporters are increasingly utilizing China to Europe freight trains as a means of sending their produce west.

As might be expected, the majority of these trains depart from cities located far from China's coastline and her seaports, but which Chinese cities have the most rail shipments?

We took a look at the data and found that the top 5 cities for China to Europe freight trains are each provincial capitals with huge populations - with Chengdu in Sichuan province leading the way. 

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List of Countries with Freight Trains from China

List of Countries with Freight Trains from China

by Matt Slater 25 February 2019

In recent years freight trains from China have been capturing newspaper headlines by arriving in more and more countries.

Perhaps there is no more striking example of this then when the first China to Spain cargo train returned to Yiwu having covered a world record 16,156-mile round trip in 2015.

Read this article to learn about China's push for international rail cargo and find our which countries have already received freight trains from China.

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China Phone Codes

China Phone Codes - An Introduction

by Matt Slater 24 January 2019

With multiple international codes, hundreds of area codes and numbers of different lengths, making sense of China phone codes can be challenging.

Determining if a Chinese phone number is a mobile or a landline, and knowing where in the country it is located can be a useful way to better understand who you are dealing with.

If you want to learn more about China phone codes, including international codes, area codes (both 2-digit and 3-digit) and mobile codes, then this article is for you.

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China Provinces Where Foreign Companies Do Business

Top 9 China Provinces Where Foreign Companies Do Business

by Matt Slater 25 October 2018

Foreign companies are doing business in China for a wide range of different reasons - including importing, exporting, setting up joint ventures, investing, developing new markets, developing new partnerships & more - but in which Chinese provinces are these efforts focused?

Is most business done in China's gateway municipalities of Shanghai and Beijing, or do foreign companies flock to the manufacturing powerhouse provinces of Guangdong and Zhejiang?

Read this article to learn what are, according to our research, the 9 China provinces where foreign companies do business the most.

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China Market Research

6 Data Sources for China Market Research

by Matt Slater 11 July 2017

Conducting China market research can be very challenging for foreign companies, due to the shortage of reliable information available in the English language.

From researching many topics for our articles, we have however found some websites which we go back to time and again, and decided it would be a good idea to share these with our readers.

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Chinese Companies Concentrated

In Which Provinces are Chinese Companies Concentrated?

by Matt Slater 31 May 2016

As you’d expect for the world’s most populous nation, there are a huge number of Chinese companies. But where in China are they located? Are there certain provinces with high concentrations of companies?

In this article we find out which provinces have the highest and lowest number of companies, and see how this compares against their population figures.

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How Many Companies in China

How Many Companies in China?

by Matt Slater 26 October 2015

Just how many companies in China are there exactly? We’ve been asked this question a few times and decided to go and find out.

Given that China has a population of over 1.3 billion we knew that it would be a large number. Happily, answering the question proved to be easier than we thought.

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China Export Countries 2013

Top China Export Countries 2013

by Matt Slater 13 December 2013

With the end of 2013 approaching, we have put together this infographic visualising the top China export countries this year and identifying the volume of exports going to each.

The data came from HKTDC, and covers the total trade volume to each destination.

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Comparing Shaanxi Province to Great Britain

Comparing Shaanxi Province to Great Britain

by Matt Slater 06 November 2013

Whilst looking at a map of China during data gathering, we noticed that the shape of China’s Shaanxi Province is uncannily similar to that of Great Britain.

If you’re wondering, Shaanxi is the red one and Great Britain is the green one!

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