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China Company English Names Can Be Misleading

5 Ways China Company English Names Can Be Misleading

by Matt Slater 19 September 2018

We often come across China company English names which we feel are misleading.

They are misleading for a number of reasons - some accidental, some deliberate, some cynical - but the root cause is that companies from Mainland China are registered in the Chinese language, not in English.

Here we give some background on China company English names and introduce the 5 ways in which we find they can be misleading.

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Chinese Company English Names

Chinese Company English Names - How & Why They Are Picked

by Matt Slater 16 August 2018

Have you ever wondered how and why Chinese company English names are chosen?

Many articles have been written discussing how foreign companies chose their Chinese name, but there has been very little analysis about the opposite situation.

China Checkup decided to take a closer look at this issue. Our research has identified how and why Chinese company English names are picked and we have categorized the different approaches Chinese companies have taken.

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Countries That Register Company Names in Chinese

Countries That Register Company Names in Chinese

by Matt Slater 13 November 2017

If you saw a list of company names in Chinese it would usually be safe to assume that they are companies from Mainland China, Hong Kong or Taiwan.

But did you know there are some other countries where it is possible to register company names in Chinese?

In recent years some countries have found a new stream of clients from Chinaa process which they help facilitate by allowing companies to be established with an official Chinese name.

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Chinese Business Names in English Legit

Are Chinese Business Names in English Legit?

by Matt Slater 25 October 2016

As a foreigner, when you read Chinese business names in English you naturally assume that the name you are reading is the name of the company.

In Mainland China and Taiwan, and this can be difficult to comprehend, the only official Chinese business names are those written in Chinese characters, which means the English names are usually just translations.

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Chinese Company Names

5 Key Features of Chinese Company Names

by Matt Slater 06 May 2016

Nearly all Chinese company names follow standard patterns and by just reading a company’s name and understanding these 5 key features you can already learn quite a lot about them.

For example, where they are registered, what they do (in a broad sense), whether or not they are foreign-owned and their general incorporation form.

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Chinese Website Names Contain Numbers

Why Do So Many Chinese Website Names Contain Numbers?

by Matt Slater 09 April 2014

If you are looking at Chinese companies online, you may notice that it’s quite common for Chinese website names to include digits. This is much less common with the names of English-language websites, so what’s going on?

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China Company Names

Understand China Company Names

by Matt Slater 30 October 2013

Getting used to China company names can be a little bit tricky to get used to for a couple of reasons. Firstly, official China company names are nearly always in Chinese, which presents a language barrier to most people from outside China.

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