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Unified Social Credit Code

What is the Unified Social Credit Code?

by Matt Slater 27 August 2018

If you've dealt with Chinese companies in recent years there is a good chance you will have come across the term "Unified Social Credit Code".

This unique 18-digit number is issued to all companies and organizations in Mainland China and serves a variety of purposes.

In this article we provide practical information about the Unified Social Credit Code and explain how you can find each Chinese company's number.

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China Supplier Documents

7 China Supplier Documents You Should Always Request

by Matt Slater 18 April 2018

Read this article to learn about the 7 key China supplier documents which you should request from your supplier to help protect your business.

Requesting, checking and verifying Chinese certificates can be a great way to build trust with your supplier, and if they are serious about doing business then they should be willing to provide them to you.

Chinese companies often display dozens of certificates in their showroom, or on their website, but many are of little relevance. In this article we highlight seven of the most important China supplier documents you should focus on.

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18-Digit Chinese Business Registration Number

The New 18-Digit Chinese Business Registration Number

by Matt Slater 22 August 2016

Introduced in October 2015, the new 18-digit Chinese business registration number is being quickly adopted by companies across Mainland China.

Appearing on the Chinese business license, this new number is the most clear manifestation of the huge overhaul of the company registration system, carried out by authorities in their impressive modernization drive.

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China Tax Registration Certificate

China Tax Registration Certificate - An Introduction

by Matt Slater 13 April 2016

When doing business with a Chinese company, a China tax registration certificate may be included in the paperwork exchanged by the Chinese party.

Verifying this certificate can help you identify if the company is registered and whether or not it is actually from the Mainland.

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Company Registration in China

6 Common Types of Company Registration in China

by Matt Slater 09 February 2015

If you are considering starting a company in China, or doing business with a company in China, it is important to first learn a little about how the system of company registration in China works. The more you educate yourself about Chinese laws and business procedures, the more success you will have conducting business in the country.

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Fake a Chinese Business License

3 Ways Suppliers Fake a Chinese Business License

by Matt Slater 07 January 2015

Through the process of carrying out company verifications China Checkup receives a wide variety of documentation from our clients. Such documents include invoices, contracts, taxation documents, ISO certificates and business cards; however the most commonly received and also the most frequently forged is the Chinese business license.

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China Organization Code

China Organization Code - An Introduction

by Matt Slater 17 December 2014

You may have received a copy of a China Organization Code certificate from your Chinese supplier and wondered what it is?

Chinese companies usually provide potential buyers with a copy of their business license in order to demonstrate that they are a legitimate businesses.

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China Company Legit

Is This China Company Legit?

by Matt Slater 24 June 2014

It is likely that you found this article because you have a nagging question about a potential business opportunity or partnership - “is this China company legit?”.

When dealing with any Chinese company for the first time, it is always wise to have in place at least a basic procedure for due diligence.

This article introduces some simple techniques you can follow to help you determine that a China company is legitimate.

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Verify China Company

Verify China Company - 9 Useful Documents

by Matt Slater 26 May 2014

Before doing business in China it is important to make sure you are dealing with a legitimately registered business, but how exactly can you do that?

Travelling across the world to visit Chinese factories is a hugely time consuming and expensive process, so asking suppliers to provide, and then checking documentation is a better option.

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Registered Capital on a Chinese Business License

Can You Trust the Registered Capital on a Chinese Business License?

by Matt Slater 28 April 2014

The Registered Capital field on a Chinese business license is often used to make a quickfire assessment of the size of the company, or how much it has grown since its founding. It can also be used as a crude indicator of whether a company is a trading company or a supplier with the physical means to offer the products it claims to.

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Legal Representative

Why the 'Legal Representative' Isn’t the Person You Want to Speak To

by Matt Slater 07 March 2014

We’ve previously written about how to find out the name of the legal representative of a Chinese company via their business license. 

We’ve noticed that some other company verification providers claim in their reports that anyone who isn’t the legal representative "is not authorised to represent" the company in question.

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Changes to China’s Business Registration System in March 2014

Changes to China’s Business Registration System in March 2014

by Matt Slater 03 March 2014

Today is the first working day with the new Chinese business registration system in effect. We’ve translated a Chinese news piece about the changes below.

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