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Trust Alibaba Suppliers

Can You Trust Alibaba Suppliers?

by Matt Slater 29 November 2018

Last year we ran a simple experiment on our website to find out whether or not our audience trust Alibaba suppliers. 

Thousands of visitors to our blog received the automated message from our live chat software "Just a quick question, do you feel that you can trust an Alibaba supplier?".

The 109 replies we received gave us some fascinating insights into the difficulties buyers face when deciding if they can trust Alibaba suppliers or not.

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Alibaba Ecommerce Platforms

Alibaba Ecommerce Platforms - An Overview

by Matt Slater 18 July 2017

Apart from the ubiquitous sourcing b2b platform, do you know any of the other Alibaba ecommerce platforms?

This article gives an overview of the Alibaba ecommerce platforms, most of which are aimed squarely at China's domestic market - notably the country's largest online marketplace Taobao.

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Avoid an Aliexpress Scam

How to Avoid an Aliexpress Scam

by Matt Slater 08 May 2015

As Alibaba Group’s "Aliexpress" service continues to grow in popularity, unfortunately we are starting to hear more and more about the "Aliexpress Scam".

In case you haven’t heard, Aliexpress is essentially a Chinese version of eBay, just the sellers are all Chinese individuals and companies whilst the buyers are individuals overseas.

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Aliexpress Stores - Are They Verified

Aliexpress Stores - Are They Verified?

by Matt Slater 16 March 2015

There are more than 10,000 stores registered on the Aliexpress platform, but who operates them and just as important – are they verified?

In this article we reveal who can register Aliexpress stores, what information they need to provide and highlight how a shocking lack of transparency leaves Aliexpress consumers in the dark over who they’re really buying from.

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Banned on Alibaba

Banned on Alibaba - Gold Suppliers Blacklist

by Matt Slater 21 January 2015

Each month between April 2010 and March 2013 Alibaba published on their website a list of the paid gold members that had been banned from their platform that month.

In this article we provide some background to why these lists may have been published and replicate in full the names of the suppliers banned on Alibaba.

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What is Aliexpress

What is Aliexpress?

by Matt Slater 18 December 2014

I’m sure you’ve heard of eBay and Amazon, and you’ve probably heard of Alibaba, but what is Aliexpress?

As internet usage continues to rise more and more consumers are shopping online for new products and better prices. This has led to an increase in international ecommerce as people look beyond their own country’s border for that bargain.

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Taobao Shop Fake Sales

Revealed - Taobao Shop Fake Sales Scam

by Matt Slater 11 July 2014

A recent unusual experience with a Taobao shop helped China Checkup’s staff lift the lid on the dodgy deliveries scam used to fake their sales data

Taobao is China’s leading online C2C shopping website (it is similar to eBay) and is operated by Alibaba Group. It is the domestic version of Alibaba’s Aliexpress platform.

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Alibaba Fraud Risk

Alibaba Fraud Risk Highlighted by Their Own Survey!

by Matt Slater 07 July 2014

This article was written by Pierre Furlan, an intern from Germany who assisted China Checkup during the summer of 2014.

Alibaba is the world’s largest small business B2B trading platform, but for many users using Alibaba fraud continues to be a huge concern.

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How Reliable is Alibaba Gold Supplier

How Reliable is Alibaba Gold Supplier?

by Matt Slater 24 January 2014

The global B2B sourcing platform Alibaba basically has two categories of sellers: Free and Gold. Free sellers usually pay no fees and undergo no checks before they are permitted to use the platform, so no-one in their right mind would source from them.

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Avoid an Alibaba Scam

How to Avoid an Alibaba Scam

by Matt Slater 10 December 2013

More and more importers are choosing to source products via the online B2B platform Alibaba, and with that comes an inevitable increase in the Alibaba scam.

A lot these scams would be easy to avoid if buyers were a little more aware of the issue and how to avoid it.

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Alibaba Alternatives

Alibaba Alternatives

by Matt Slater 10 November 2013

At an estimated 810,000 paid suppliers way back in 2010, Alibaba is by far the largest online B2B sourcing portal.

That doesn’t mean it has no competitors though - there are certainly many Alibaba alternatives out there. We identify some of the best options here.

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