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The Levi's China Supplier List

by Matt Slater November 18, 2016

The Levi's China Supplier List

Like most fashion retailers, denim trendsetters Levi's source from China. But rather than keeping their vendors secret, the Levi's China supplier list is publicly disclosed.

Be it shoes, garments, leather, eyewear or even packaging, their Chinese suppliers can be found here.

Why Levi's Disclose Their China Supplier List

Following in the footsteps of Nike and other major brands, in late 2005, Levis Strauss also published for the first time a list of major factories making its branded products.

Levi's is one of many large companies disclosing this information as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program which promotes transparency in their supply chain.

Their most recent addition of the list is published here on their website and we uesd their December 2014 update in preparing this article.

One thing that makes Levi’s stand out from the crowd is that they actually list the Chinese names of their suppliers in China. This indicates to us that Levis’s must have a good understanding of the China business context and show that they are sincere in disclosing supplier information to the public.

Levi's China Supplier List

Here are the Chinese suppliers identified from Levi's website:

Factory name Factory Chinese Name Address City State/Province
Anhui New Supersharp Shoes Co., Ltd 安徽诺欧超锐鞋业有限公司 Liufa Town Fengyang Anhui
Anhui Tianlong Clothing Leather Co.,Ltd 安徽天龙服饰皮具股份有限公司 South Renhe 18 Tianchang Anhui
Arts Optical Development (Shenzhen) Company Limited 雅視光學發展(深圳)有限公司 682 Long Fei Av,Huang Ge Keng District,Long Cheng St,Long Gang Area Shenzhen Guangdong
Baofa(Fujian)Sport Goods Co.,Ltd 宝发(福建)体育用品有限公司 Jiangtou village,Chendai Town Jinjiang Fujian
Canton Unicorn Leather Goods Factory 广州市汇龙皮件厂 Zhenxin Road, Shilin Town, Huadu District Guangzhou Guangdong
Changle Hualing Garment Co.,Ltd 昌乐华翎制衣有限公司 Wenzhou Industrial Park,Baocheng District Changle County Weifang Shandong
Changshu Kailan Knitting Co.,Ltd. 常熟凯兰针织有限公司 Penghu road Changshu Jiangsu
Changzhou Jiacheng Garments Co.,Ltd. 常州佳诚服饰有限公司 No 18 Xihuan Two road Jincheng Inductrial Area Jintan Jiangsu
Changzhou Tooku Garments Co Ltd (Finishing sub factory) 常州东奥服装有限公司(后整理分厂) No.2 Jinghu Road,Xinbei District Changzhou Jiangsu
Changzhou Tooku Garments Co Ltd (No. 1 Sub factory) 常州东奥服装有限公司(一分厂) 2# Hongtu Road, Xinbei District Changzhou Jiangsu
Cheng Chiang Leather Goods Factory 正强皮制品有限公司 No. 3 Xihuanwu RD Fuchong Village, South area Zhongshan Guangdong
Comfy Footwear Co., Ltd. 东源康富鞋业有限公司 Butterfly Lodge Ind District, Xiantang, Dongyuan, Heyuan Guangdong
Contour Optik (Jiangxi) Co. Ltd 华德光学(江西)有限公司 Yujiang International Glasses Industry Park Yingtan Jiangxi
Dalian Tianzhi Garments Manufacture Co Ltd 大连天制制衣有限公司 Wangjia Village, Tieshan Town, Lvshunkou District Dalian Liaoning
Dancheng Dingxiang Garment Co., Ltd 郸城鼎祥制衣有限公司 East side of Industry Avenue, Dan Cheng County Industrial Area Dancheng Henan
Danyang Titan Optical Co., Ltd 丹阳天腾光学有限公司 East of Bawei Road, Development Area Danyang Jiangsu
Danyang Xinxing Garments Co., Ltd 丹阳新星服饰有限公司 Yunhe Town Danyang Jiangsu
Dong Guan Jiaying Shoes Ltd. 东莞嘉应制鞋有限公司 Xinan Industrial District, Shijie Town Dongguan Guangdong
Dongguan Action Optic Resources Corporation 东莞鸿胜光学有限公司 Chen Wu Bei Industrial Park, Chang Ping Town Dongguan Guangdong
Dongguan Baosing Garment Co. Ltd 东莞宝升服装有限公司 Xingling Lu, Wusha 5th Industrial District, Chang'an Town Dongguan Guangdong
Dongguan Chengkai Shoes Co., Ltd 东莞市程开鞋业有限公司 NO.1 Fourth South Road,Santun Industry Avenue, Houjie Town Dongguan Guangdong
Dongguan City Everwill Garment Ltd 东莞市万毅制衣有限公司 Xiansha Lndustrial Avenue Side,Gaobu Town Dongguan Guangdong
Dongguan Gao Bu Gao Wen Union Manufacturer 东莞高埗高文联合制造厂 No.16 Zhen Xing Nan Road, Gao Bu Town Dongguan Guangdong
Dongguan glory knitting FTY;CO.LTD 东莞光晖针织有限公司 Yuming liujie Dongguan Guangdong
Dongguan Glossmind Apparel Co., Ltd 东莞亮智服装有限公司 Xialingbei Industrial Area, Liaobu Dongguan Guangdong
Dongguan Iwasaki Leather Goods Co., Ltd 东莞市岩崎皮具制品有限公司 #5 Fenghuang Road,Jin Fenghuang Industrial area, Fenggang town Dongguan Guangdong
Dongguan Mau Gee Industrial Limited 茂志針織有限公司 No. 338, Fukang Road, Hangtao, Dalang Dongguan Guangdong
Dongguan Pink Lady Knitting Co.,Ltd 东莞常平佳丽针织有限公司 Xinwei, Lanbei, Changping Dongguan Guangdong
Dongguan Sunrise Knitting Limited 东莞升丽针织有限公司 Bai Yuan Qian Industrial Zone, Caibian, Dalang Town Dongguan Guangdong
Dongguan Sze Cheik Leather Goods Company Limited 东莞思捷皮具有限公司 He Nan Industrial Region, Jingxia, Changan, Dongguan Dongguan Guangdong
Dongguan Tong Xin Garment & Steam Laundry Ltd. former name : Hopson (Machung) Dyeing Xinji Industrial Zone, Machong Town Dongguan Guangdong
Fishman & Tobin Garments (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd 愉富服装(广州)有限公司 No. 22, Bangxi, Shilian Road, Shiqui Town, Panyu District Guangzhou Guangdong
Fortune Success Footwear Co Ltd 广州市金亮宝鞋业有限公司 DaShi town ShiZhong Er Roan 11 Guangzhou Guangdong
FT International Ltd 昆山沛恩實業有限公司 No. 239, Ching Yang, N. Road Kunshan Jiangsu
Fu Qing Jin Feng Da Shoes Co.,Ltd 福清金峰达鞋业有限公司 Jin Yang Industrial Zone Fuqing Fujian
Fujian Huajing Sports Footwear Co.Ltd. 福建华景体育用品有限公司 Huayuan Logistic Park,Neicuo Village, Guanqiao Town Quanzhou Fujian
Fujian JinJiang Shenhu Dali Clothing & Knitting Co., Ltd. 福建省晋江市深沪达丽服装针织有限公司 DongAn Village, Shenhu Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province,China(Opposite Bandao Hotel.) Jinjiang Fujian
Fujian Peiji Garments Industry Co., Ltd 福建佩吉服装有限公司 Chigang Economic Development Zone Putian Fujian
Fujian Viscap Footwear Manufacture Inc 福建维斯凯鞋业有限公司 Nanpu Industrial Zone, Huada Street, Fengze Quanzhou Fujian
Fujian Wanjiaxin Industrial Developing Co.,Ltd 福建万家鑫轻工发展有限公司 Puan Developing Zone, Quangang District Quanzhou Fujian
Fuqing Dahao Shoes Co.,Ltd 福清市大豪鞋业有限公司 Yuxi Industrial Aarea Fuqing (65km Fuxia Road) Fuqing Fujian
Fuqing Zhaoxia Shoes Company Limited 福清朝霞鞋业有限公司 Yuxi Fuqing Fuqing Fujian
Gaomi Modern Shoes Co., Ltd 高密市美登鞋业有限公司 MIDDLE OF SHI AN ROAD Gaomi Shandong
Gloss Mind (Jiangxi) Apparel Co Ltd. 亮智(江西)服装有限公司 Jiahui Road, Lutian Industry Park, Poyang County Shanrao Jiangxi
Golden City Washing Sandblast & Brush Factory 金城洗水喷砂手擦厂 2nd Industrial Zone, Huayang Village, Machong Town Dongguan Guangdong
Great Light Leather Goods Factory 钜明皮具厂 128 Industrial District, Tang Xia Town Dongguan Guangdong
Guang Zhou Well Hope leather goods&gift co.,ltd 广州维鸿皮件礼品有限公司 No. 1, South Side of Xingye Lu, Nancun Town, Panyu District. Guangzhou City Guangzhou Guangdong
Haimen L&D Hankerchief Factory 海门市龙都手帕厂 No. 768,Nanhai Road Haimen Jiangsu
Haining Nanpai Apparel & Textile Co., LTD 海宁男派纺织服装有限公司 Floor 1, Bldg. 2, No. 16, Shuanglian Rd., Jinli Community, Haichang St., Haichang Zhejiang
Haining Yilida Knitting Co.,Ltd. 海宁伊利达针织有限公司 No.300 Xiazhong Road, Socks Industrial Area, Haining Economic development Zone Haining Zhejiang
Haiyan Qingyang Garments Co.,Ltd 海盐轻扬服饰有限公司 Liuli Industry Zone,Ganpu Town Haiyan Zhejiang
Hangzhou Xinyi Garments Co., Ltd 杭州新艺服装有限公司 1-3/F & 6/F. Wahking Bldg., No 31, North of Tonghui Road, Xiaoshan Economy & Technology Development Zone Hangzhou Zhejiang
He Yuan Jade Knitting & Garment Factory Ltd 河源翡翠针织制衣有限公司 Beiziyuen Industrial District Heyuan Guangdong
Heng Sheng Optical Mfg., Ltd 恆生眼鏡制造有限公司 No. 43 Xin Feng Road, Xin Min District, Chang An Town Dongguan Guangdong
Honglilai Leather&Garments Co.ltd. 泉州鸿利来皮塑服装有限公司 Donghai Bincheng Industrial Zone Quanzhou Fujian
Hop Lok Leather Factory Limited 東莞合樂皮具制品有限公司 Shu Tian First Industry Area, Humen Town Dongguan Guangdong
Sacred Mountain White Magnolia Clothes-Making CO.,LTD 四川圣山白玉兰制衣有限公司 O.333 of 2nd South Road,National Economic&Technological Development Zone Chengdu Sichuan
Sani Leather Goods Manufactory 莎莉皮具厂 No.48, Lane3, Yuzhen Western Street,Duyuan Town, Pengjian District Jiangmen Guangdong
Shanghai dashan hat-making co.,ltd. 上海大山制帽有限公司 No. 126, Shennan San Road, Xinqiao Town, Songjiang District Shanghai Shanghai
Shanghai Jean Fashion Company Ltd 上海吉恩服饰有限公司 No. 810 Fenglian Road, Touqiao Town, Fengxian District Shanghai Shanghai
Shanghai Mantal Garment & Accessories Co., Ltd. 上海明都服饰有限公司 NO.200 Xiang Mao Road, Che Dun Town, Song Jiang Shanghai Shanghai
Shanghai One Joint Footwear Co., Ltd 上海雯杰鞋业有限公司 No.2506 Nanfeng Road,Qingcun Town,Fengxian District Shanghai Shanghai
Shanghai QinFa Fashion Co.,Ltd 上海勤发服饰有限公司 No.102-2 Jinyu Road Shanghai Shanghai
Shaoxing Maidilang Tie & Accessory Co., Ltd 绍兴麦地郎领带服饰有限公司 No.777, Yijing Road, Shengzhou Economy Development Zone Shengzhou Zhejiang
Shengzhou Yuelong Tie & Apparel Co.Ltd. 嵊州市悦龙领带服饰有限公司 No.8, Road 4, Necktie Industry Zone Shengzhou Zhejiang
Shenzhen Jinfeng Plastic Products Co., Ltd. 深圳市金峰塑胶制品有限公司 5/F, Building C, Huianda Industrial Park,Tangtou Road, Shi Yan, Bao An District Shenzhen Guangdong
Shenzhen Xinxiang Industry Development Co., Ltd. 深圳新祥实业发展有限公司 No. 1 Lane, No. 5 Xinsha Industry Area, Biling, Pinshan Town, Longgang Shenzhen Guangdong
Shijiazhuang Ronghua Garments & Textile Co.,Ltd 石家庄荣华服饰纺织品有限公司 Gangnan, Pinshang Country Shijiazhuang Hebei
Shun Chang Shoes Industry Co Ltd The Nanan of Fujian 福建南安市顺昌鞋业有限公司 Honggongshan Industrial Zone Of Honglai Nanan Nanan Fujian
Standford Industrial Co. Ltd 史丹福有限公司 5th Floor, Tower D, Guang Hei Technology Park, Nan Tai Road, Nan Ce, Hu Men County, Dongguan Guangdong
Starlite Optical Manufactory 深圳市龙岗区横岗六约星辉眼镜厂 62 Puxia Road, Liuyue Shenzhen Guangdong
Sunny Jet Textile Co., Ltd 扬州尚杰针织品有限公司 No. 9 Longquan Road, Guangling Industry Zone, Yangzhou Jiangsu
Super Performance Textile (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd 超捷纺织(深圳)有限公司 Chaojie Industrial Area, Danzizhang Road, Shenzhen Grand Industrial Zone, Kongzi Town, Pingshan New District Shenzhen Guangdong
Suzhou Blue Seagull Fashion Co., Ltd 苏州蓝海鸥服饰有限公司 Economy Exploiture Section, Liantang Town Changshu Jiangsu
Suzhou Genesis Textiles & Technology Co., Ltd 苏州创源纺织科技有限公司 NO.199 Shanpu Road,Wuzhong District Suzhou Jiangsu
Suzhou Tokoyo Silk Fashion Co.,Ltd 苏州市东锦服饰有限公司 Mingbang Road Huayang Village Wangting town Suzhou Jiangsu
Sweda (Shenzhen) Electronics Co., Ltd 时运达(深圳)电子有限公司 Block C, Lian Tang Chun Wei Industrial Building, Lian Tang Shenzhen Guangdong
TaiXing Jinxing Textiles Products Co., Ltd 泰兴金兴纺织品有限公司 567 Jiangpin Road, Madian Town, Taixing Jiangsu
Taizhou Tianli Garments Co., Ltd 泰州市天利服绣有限公司 NO.34 Dongfeng North Road Taizhou Jiangsu
Taizhou Tianyang Garments Co., Ltd 泰州天阳服饰有限公司 Huang Cuncun LiangXu Town Jiangyan Jiangsu
The Haddad Apparel Wuxi Co., LTD. 无锡哈达德服装有限公司兴达分公司 Floor 4, NO. 28-19, Nanhu Centre Road, Binhu District Wuxi Jiangsu
Tian Chang New Supersharp Shoes Co.,Ltd 天长市诺欧超锐鞋业有限公司 Renhe town Tianchang Anhui
Tongxiang Hengsheng Shoes Co., Ltd 桐乡恒生鞋业有限公司 No.18 Xingyuan Road, Minxing Town, Wuzhen Town Tongxiang Zhejiang
Tooku Dec. Manufacturing Co., Ltd 重庆市酉阳县东奥迪利斯制衣有限公司 No.2-4 Banxi Industry Park Buildings YouYang County Chongqing
Top Circle Textile, Zhejiang Ltd 浙江拓扑纺织有限公司 118 Fanrong Road Pinghu Zhejiang
Wan I Leather (Xiamen) Co., Ltd 万益皮革(厦门)有限公司 No. 77, Xiyang Road, WuXian Town, Tong An District Xiamen Fujian
Weihai Yunshan Garment Co. Ltd. 威海云山服装有限公司 #8 Yunshan Road Liulin Industrial Estate, Wenquan, Huancui Weihai Shandong
Wenzhou Donma Hardwares & Leather Goods Co.Ltd 温州市东玛五金制品皮具有限公司 #1-2,North FuYang Road,SanXi Industrial District, Juxi Town Wenzhou Zhejiang
Wenzhou Ouhai Glasses Co,. Ltd 温州市瓯海眼镜有限公司 51 Jinda road, Qianhua Ind, Xinqiao Town, Ouhai District, Wenzhou Zhejiang
Wenzhou Yimaida Shoes Co.,Ltd 温州意迈达鞋业有限公司 Building 1 NO.131 Yanxing Road Yangyi Town Wenzhou Zhejiang
Wing Hung (Dongguan) Printing Co., Ltd 東莞永洪印刷有限公司 Yu-Feng Industrial Estate, Feng-Men District, Zhangmutou Dongguan Guangdong
Wing Shing Optical Manufacturers Ltd 永成眼鏡製造廠 No. 93, Industrial RD., Shigu Management Area, Tangxia Town Dongguan Guangdong
Winson Shoes Co., Ltd 莆田永生鞋业有限公司 Shaolin Road, Xitianwei Town, Licheng District Putian Fujian
Xiamen Jess Optical Co., Ltd 厦门捷视光学有限公司 No.19-23, Tianyang Road, The North Of JiMei Industrial Zone Xiamen Fujian
Xiamen Spark Sports Goods Co., Ltd 厦门市斯巴特运动用品有限公司 No. 55-56 Siming Garden, Industry Central Zone, Tong'an Xiamen Fujian
Xiamen Tong An Sanlong Footwear Co., Ltd. 厦门同安三龙鞋业有限公司 No.161 Tongsheng Road North, Xinmin Town, Tongan Xiamen Fujian
Xiamen Yuan Guangquan Shoes Co.,ltd 厦门源广泉鞋业有限公司 Xin’an Village, Neicuo Town, Xiang’an District, Xiamen Fujian
Xiangcheng Mengerluo Garments Co, Ltd Branch 1 项城梦尔罗服装有限公司一分厂 No. 88, Dongfang Road, Xiangcheng city, Henan Province, China Xiangcheng Henan
Xiangcheng Mengerluo Garments Co.,Ltd 项城梦尔罗服装有限公司 Middle of Yinhe Road Xiangcheng Henan
Xiangcheng Pengchen Garment Co Ltd 项城鹏程服装有限公司 198# Dongfang Boulevard Xiangcheng Henan
Xiangxing Junyang (Fuqing) Travel Appliance Co., Ltd 骏洋(福清)旅游用品有限公司 (By side of Pudong Garden) No. 336, Longjiang Road Fuqing Fujian
Xin Ji Optical And Metal Parts Manufactory LTD 新基眼鏡五金配件有限公司 Xin Tai Industry District, Guzhu Town, Zijin Heyuan Guangdong
Xin Jin Jie Metal Products Factory 新进捷五金容器制品厂 Qiaodong Industrial Zone, Futian Town, Boluo County Huizhou Guangdong
Yamei (Xiamen) Leather Products Co., Ltd. AKA Asian American Accessories No.889, Xinmin Avenue, Tongan District Xiamen Fujian
Yangzhou Bai Li Lai Shoes Co., Ltd 扬州百利来鞋业有限公司 Pangu Industrial Zone,Liuji County, Yizhen Yangzhou Jiangsu
Yangzhou City Hanjiang Yongen Shoes Factory 扬州市邗江永恩制鞋厂 No.67, Renmin road, Gongdao town, Yangzhou Yangzhou Jiangsu
Yangzhou Huamao Craftwork CO.,LTD 扬州华茂工艺品有限公司 No.34 ,Hongcheng Middle Road ,Huangjue,Fangxiang Town,Ganjiang, Yangzhou Jiangsu
Yantai Aucan Footwear Co., Ltd 烟台奧佳鞋業 No. 216 Longmenxi Road Laiyang Shandong
Yantai Yangfan Garments ,.LTD 烟台扬帆服装有限公司 2F industrial, HAI WAN WO LONG MIDST Yantai Shandong
Yayu (Xiamen) Leather Products Co., Ltd 亞昱(廈門)皮件有限公司 No. 1001 Tong Ji North Road, Tung An Area Xiamen Fujian
Yia-Chyns Textile (Shanghai) Corp. 宜勤纺织品(上海)有限公司 No.336, Qing Ling Road, Fengxian district Shanghai Shanghai
Yichang Peri Garments Co., Ltd 宜昌仙女服饰有限公司 Jianghan Avenue, Zhi Jiang Yichang Hubei
Yichang Richart Garment Factory Limited 宜昌富艺制衣有限公司 No.3, Lijiahu Road Yichang Hubei
Yichang Shenchang Apparel Co.,Ltd. 宜昌申昌制衣有限公司 Jiang Jia Wang Village,Economic Developing Zone of Yiling Yichang Hubei
Yixing Ruijin Sports Products Co.,Ltd 义兴(瑞金)体育用品有限公司 Jinsha Industry,Shazigang Ruijin Jiangxi
Yixing Sainty Garments CO.,LTD 宜兴舜天服饰有限公司 28 Huang ROAD,Fangqiao,Yixing Yixing Jiangsu
Zhangjiagang China Resources Accessories Co., Ltd 张家港华源服饰有限公司 Zhangjiagang Economical Development Zone, No. 16 Changxing Road, Yangshe Town, Zhangjiagang Jiangsu
Zhangjiagang Shengtai Clothing Co.,Ltd 张家港圣泰服饰有限公司 Building 8,Guotai industrial park,No.328 Jinggang Road Zhangjiagang Jiangsu
Zhangpu Hengxin Bags Co., Ltd 漳浦恒欣包袋有限公司 Changqiao Town, Zhangpu Zhangzhou Fujian
Zhejiang Hindar Optical Co., Ltd 浙江亨达光学有限公司 Shanghui Industrial, Hengyu, Louqiao Town Wenzhou Zhejiang
Zhejiang Luoqi Socks Co., Ltd 浙江洛琪袜业有限公司 No.2, 2nd Xingye Road, Economic Development Zone Zhuji Zhejiang
Zhejiang Mengna Socks&hosiery Corp-beiyuan Branch 浙江梦娜袜业股份有限公司北苑分公司 xuefeng road west 888 ,Beiyuan industrial Yiwu Zhejiang
Zhejiang Orient Befit Socks Manufacture Co., Ltd 浙江东方百富袜业有限公司 No. 300-11, 10th Street, Hangzhou Economic & Technology Development Zone, Hangzhou Hangzhou Zhejiang
Zhejiang Outlook Optical Manufactory Co.,LTD 温州布鲁金眼镜有限公司 12 Shengye Rd.,Lucheng Specialized,Light Industrial Park Wenzhou Zhejiang
Zhenjiang Jinpu Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd 镇江锦普工艺品有限公司 Zhenjiang Road, Jiangqiaozhen East Zhenjiang Jiangsu
Zhixiang Knitting Clothing Factory 射阳志翔针织制衣厂 The Industry Park of Haitong, Sheyang Country Yancheng Jiangsu
Zhongshan Aijie Footwear Co., Ltd 中山市艾捷鞋业有限公司 Taifeng Three Industrial Park, Jidonger Xiaolan Town Zhongshan Guangdong
Zhongshan Baolida Knitting & Garment Factory Co.,Ltd. 中山保利達毛紡織制衣有限公司 No.3.Xinye RD,3rd Industrial Area,Banfu Town, Zhongshan Guangdong
Zhongshan Shanxiang Heda footwear Co, Ltd. 中山市三乡镇合达鞋厂 NO.22 ZhenHua Road,ShanXiang Town Zhongshan Guangdong
Zhongshan Yida Apparel 中山益达服装有限公司 Shunjing Industrial Area, Banfu Town Zhongshan Guangdong
Zhongshan Zhangyue Printing Factory 中山张约印花厂 Guhecun Industrial Zone, Sanxiang Town Zhongshan Guangdong

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