The Dell China Supplier List

by Matt Slater November 21, 2016

The Dell China Supplier List

Discover the companies that are on the Dell China supplier list in this article.

Computer technology company Dell sources a large number of components from suppliers in Taiwan and China and these are disclosed on their website.

Why Dell Discloses Their China Supplier List

As it common with many famous multinational companies, Dell has in place a corporate social responsibility program.

As part of this program, Dell commits to ensuring their supply chain is held to high standards. In their own words:


Dell is committed to responsible business practices and to high standards of ethical behavior. This extends to the way we manage our global supply chain.

We operate in a world with many different cultures, countries and levels of economic development. Even in this diverse world, we believe there are some standards that are universal — including respect for workers, communities and the environment — and meeting these standards is a condition of doing business with Dell.

Dell discloses a list of their key suppliers that represents 95% of their spend.

Their supplier list is made available on their website and includes many suppliers from both Mainland China and Taiwan.

Dell China Supplier List

Dell’s key suppliers in China and Taiwan are are listed in the table below.

Company Location
AUO Suzhou, Shanghai (China); Longtan, Taichung (Taiwan)
Boardtek Taiwan
BOE B3 Hefei (China)
Buruize Xiamen (China)
Catcher Suqian (China), Taiwan
CEC Panda Nanjing (China)
ChangYun Kunshan (China)
Chicony Dongguan (China), Taiwan
Compal Chengdu, Kunshan (China); Taiwan
Coretronic Kunshan (China), Taiwan
Costlight Zhuhai (China)
CPM Jurong (China)
Dazhi Suzhou (China)
ECS Shenzhen (China), Taiwan
Founder Chongqing, Zhuhai (China)
Foxconn Kunshan, Yantai, Chongquing, Tianjin, Wuhan (China)
FSC Xiamen (China)
GBM Shenzhen (China)
GCE Changshu, Suzhou (China); Taiwan
Guangkuotiandi Chengdu (China)
Hannstar Jiangyin, Nanjing (China); Tainan (Taiwan)
HengHao Kunshan (China)
Hexing Xiamen (China)
Higgstec Yilan (China)
Hyna Xiamen (China)
Innolux Foshan, Ningbo (China); Tainan (Taiwan)
Inventec Shanghai (China)
Jarlly Dongguan, Fuqing (China)
Jingda Kunshan (China)
Kensington China, Taiwan
Kingslide Taiwan
Korrun Dongguan (China)
Laibao Chongqing (China)
Leoho Suzhou (China)
Lianhong Suzhou (China)
Lianyi Zhongshan (China)
Lishen Tianjin (China)
Liteon Hsinchu (Taiwan)
LiteOn / Silitek Dongguan (China)
Luxshare Dongguan, Jiangxi (China)
MingJi Dongguan (China)
Mitac Shunde (China)
MSI Shenzhen (China)
Pegatron Suzhou (China); Taiwan
Plastoform Shenzhen (China)
PLDS Beihai (China)
Power Star Fujian (China)
Primax Chongqing (China)
Qisda Suzhou (China); Taiwan
Quanta Shanghai (China)
RiTeng(Casetek) Shanghai (China)
RRD Chengdu (China)
Simplo Chongqing, Changshu (China)
SinHer Kunshan, Chongqing (China)
Speed Wireless Huizhou (China)
SZS Suzhou (China), Taiwan
Taiyi Kunshan (China)
Tasun Chongqing, Suzhou (China)
TPK Xiamen (China)
TPT Wuxi (China)
TPV Fujian, Fuqing (China)
Tripod Wuxi (China)
VGT Huizhou (China)
Viasystems Guangzhou (china)
Weili Taizhou (China)
Wistron Chengdu, Zhongshan (China)
Worldmark Chongging (China)
Wuzhu Dongguan (China)
YCT Wujiang (China)
YFY Kunshan (China)
Younglighting Guangzhou, Shanghai (China)
Yuandeng Taiwan
Zhuchang Shanghai (China)
Ziyan Shanghai (China)
Zylux Shenzhen (China)

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